Vision, Mission & Values

The things that drive the work we do for students in Aberdeen.

AUSA’s Vision

Our vision is for AUSA to represent and support an inclusive and vibrant student community in which members have the opportunity to expand their horizons, reach their full potential, and change the world around them.

A student community with influence.

AUSA's Mission

Our core purpose is to build, sustain and support a student community with real influence. We achieve this by listening to our members, understanding them and shaping ourselves to meet their needs.


We work continuously to become a more accessible and representative democracy reflecting our members’ ownership of us and our desire to be shaped by them. We help bring students together through events, clubs, societies and sport, providing opportunities for development and social interaction that are central to many students’ university experience. We lobby and represent on behalf of our members to achieve positive change at the University, in the city and the wider world. We campaign on issues that benefit our members and reflect their concerns. We support and advise our members in times of need. We provide food, drink and other commercial services that raise funds for our work and reflect our members’ values. We provide opportunities to engage with the local community and the wider world through volunteering and other extra-curricular activity.

AUSA’s Values

These are the foundations on which our organisation will grow and develop. They are our guiding principles and everyday working focus.


We will create an inclusive, friendly environment and build a strong university community where all students can find their place to develop and participate.


We will foster a culture of mutual support and encouragement, both in our work with members and within our staff and officer teams.


We will demonstrate how we value our important role in our members’ social and recreational lives, and we will support initiatives that help make AUSA and the University a more fun place to work and study.


We will strive to understand and place the long-term interests of all our members at the heart of our decision-making and we will actively seek to represent those interests robustly and at every opportunity.


We will work to build trust in all of our relationships by promoting clear, positive, consistent and accurate communications. We will reward trust placed in us by demonstrating respect and a desire to work together towards our shared vision.