COVID-19 Accommodation Concerns

COVID-19 Accommodation Information & Advice

This page is here to provide accommodation related information in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you require any advice in relation to your accommodation and the impact of COVID-19 please get in touch by emailing

Are you self-isolating/quarantining?

If you are in the position where you are either self-isolating or you are having to undertake a 2-week quarantine on your arrival in Aberdeen, please see the information below which may help:

Please do alert the University if you are self-isolating due to Covid-19. This could be because you have tested positive, have been told to do so by Test and Protect, are symptomatic and awaiting a test outcome, have recently travelled to the UK from a country that requires self-isolating, or you live with someone who is symptomatic. You can do this via the University online reporting form here

Useful Information:



If you are struggling for whatever reason during your isolation/quarantine please get in touch with us at or contact the Student Advice & Support Office at  

For more general housing advice and up to date information you can check out Shelter Scotland. In particular please refer to The Shelter Scotland COVID-19 Advice Pages, here you will be able to find all up to date housing information and advice relating to the recent pandemic.


PBSA COVID-19 Information:

Below you will find information relating to the responses of some PBSA providers (Purpose Built Student Accommodation offered by 3rd party providers) regarding students who may have had current contracts with them when the pandemic hit and also links to support information from each provider as the pandemic continues to affect current and new tenants.

letter from Karl Leydecker regarding the University accommodation contracts here.

  • Shelter Aberdeen Advice Pages re New Scottish Legislation and student tenancies 
  • Hello students agreed to let students out of their contracts. - Also find current information on Covid measures for current tenents here.
  • LibertyLiving has also agreed  - Liberty Living has now been taken over by: Unite Students (see below) 
  • Unite Students who also agreed - Also find current information on Covid measures for current tenents here.
  • Ardmuir has agreed  -  Also find current information on Covid measures for current tenents here.
  • Hunter accommodation - allow students out of their contracts regardless of COVID-19 but it will be stipulated on individual’s contracts. Contact them directly to discuss your own situation.
  • HomesforStudents - private landlords collective so case by case basis unfortunately at this time. contact Shelter Scotland for further advice re private landlords. - Also find current information on Covid measures for current tenents here
  • Aparto - have updated info on how they are supporting students with part refund offers - see here for more info on their FAQs - Also find current information on Covid measures for current tenents here
  • Prestige Student Living: You will receive a 50% discount from the 1st of May if you fill their form. You can fill the form for Fraser Studios here. - Also find current information on Covid measures for current tenents here
  • Student Roost: Student Roost has agreed and residents should have received an email. - Also find current information on Covid measures for current tenents here. and thier felxible booking promise here.


Useful Templates

We understand that many students are struggling to pay rent and we recommend they get in touch with their private landlord/letting agencies to see if they can agree to an alternative payment plan. We've created a template letter to help you, we know it can be scary and daunting to email your landlords. There is a short explanation on how to use the template letter at the top, so please remember to delete it before sending. For further advice, please contact or Shelter Aberdeen.

The NUS (National Union of Student) Scotland believes it's unfair that students were ever charged rent for homes they'd left. If this affects you, they have prepared a template letter you can send to your accommodation provider to request a rent refund.

Please delete/fill in your details as appropriate, and then send it on to the accommodation provider. NUS Scotland is campaigning for all unfairly charged rents to be refunded, so please get in touch to let us know what response you get.