Application Forms

  • Many employers use their own standard application forms to gather information on potential employees in a standard way so they can compare applicants. Generally, this will be online, but occasionally employers will use paper forms.
  • If it's a paper form - check the small print. Do they want you to fill it in with blue or black ink? Do they want it filled in block capitals? Consider photocopying it so you can do a draft first.
  • If there isn’t enough space then use a blank sheet of paper, use a header with your name and the job you are applying for and include any reference codes in case it becomes detached.
  • Use your CV to get standard information but make sure you tailor your experience to the job you are applying for and highlight appropriate skills.
  • Try not to leave any sections of the form blank
  • Ask someone to check over your form for you to ensure the spelling and grammar is fine and you have given the right information.
  •  Take a copy of your completed form so you can refer to it if you are successful in obtaining an interview.

AUSA Advice can look over and offer you advice on your application form if you are unsure of anything.