EU/International Hardship Fund

EU/International Hardship Fund

Aberdeen University Students’ Association, in partnership with the University Aberdeen Student Advice & Support Office administer a discretionary fund for EU and international students who find themselves in times of unexpected financial hardship.

This fund will become fully operational from the 1st of August 2019 and students will be able to apply for support from this date. Awards from this fund will be made at the discretion of AUSA Advice and the Student Advice & Support Office jointly and will, under normal circumstances, be communicated to applicants within two weeks of an application being made. Students experiencing financial difficulties over the summer period are advised to make an appointment to meet with a Student Support Adviser.

While we do not set a strict definition of hardship or the causes of hardship, we cannot accept applications which seek to support tuition fees and ongoing maintenance (such as where a sponsor or ongoing source of funding becomes permanently unavailable to you). Application forms can be picked up from AUSA Reception on the ground floor of the Students’ Union Building on Elphinstone Road or from Student Advice & Support Reception on the third floor of the Students’ Union Building.

You can find a short Q&A below but please don’t hesitate to contact if you have any further questions.


Who can apply to this fund?

Any EU or international student is eligible to apply to the fund.

What can I apply for?

Given the wide range of matters which can affect a student’s financial situation, we do not set a strict definition of hardship or its causes. Where you find yourself in unexpected financial hardship, you are encouraged to contact AUSA Advice or the Student Advice & Support Office who can provide more information on the fund and application process.  However we cannot assist in the payment of tution fees or replace ongoing maintenance. 

How long will it take for a decision to be made on my application?

Under normal circumstances, decisions will be made and communicated to applicants within 10 working days of receipt of a valid application (including evidence). If an application requires additional consideration for any reason (i.e. it is made out with term time) the applicant will be informed at the earliest opportunity.

What evidence do I need to submit?

In order for your application to be accepted, you will be required to provide supporting evidence. Thus includes the following where applicable:
- Sponsor letter showing payments for maintenance.
- Funding Body Award letter
- Three months of itemised bank statements showing transactions from all accounts (clearly showing current balance), including savings; joint accounts; accounts in your home country etc.
- Any other docuemnts which support your application e.g. rental agreement, utility bills, credit card statements, payslips, etc.

If my application is unsuccessful, can I appeal this decision?

If your application was unsuccessful, you can appeal by responding to the award decision email you receive. Any appeals will be considered by the Head of Student Support and the AUSA CEO.

Do I need to have a UK bank account?

Yes. In order for payments to be made, you must have UK bank account in your own name for AUSA to deposit the award into.

General advice on money matters

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and would like to discuss your personal circumstances with an adviser who specialises in money advice, you should make an appointment with a Student Support Adviser. The Student Support Advisers are based in the Student Advice & Support Office (second Floor, AUSA Union building) and they can provide on budgeting and money management.  They can also signpost you to other services who can assist you with money advice.