Mental Health Awareness Week



We're kicking off Mental Health Awareness Week with #Creativity! It can improve your mental and physical health and brain function. Have a look below and check out the resources that can get your creative juices flowing!

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor / available on iOS, Android and Samsung Galaxy store

Pacemaker - AI DJ app / available on iOS 

Adobe Premiere Rush / available on iOS and Android 

Adobe Photoshop Sketch / available on iOS and Android

Smule - The Social Singing App / available on iOS and Android 

Wattpad - Read & Write Stories / available on iOS and Android 


What we eat can affect not only our physical but also our mental health. Eating well may be associated with feelings of wellbeing, so today is all about #food! We all need comfort food from time to time and you can make it healthy and full of nutrients! Today, we're giving you our favourite healthy comfort food recipes. Have a look ??. What is your favourite comfort food?

Cauliflower crusted grilled cheese sandwiches (Vegetarian)

Creamy Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese with Kale (Vegetarian) 

Vegan Chilli 

Chicken Korma

Gluten-Free Smothered Pork Chops

Kale Pesto Pizza (Vegetarian) 


This year's theme for Mental Health Awareness Week is #Kindness. Helping others can be beneficial to our own and others' mental health. It can reduce stress and improve our emotional wellbeing and doesn't have to cost you money or time. For this #WelfareWednesday we are encouraging everyone to join the #RandomActOfKindness Challenge. Mental Health Foundation has a list of 50 random acts of kindness and a quick generator to make it easy. Click here to try it. 


When you listen to music your brain releases dopamine, the feel-good chemical ?? Listening to music can help you reduce stress, sleep better, increase your motivation and improve your wellbeing. Take a look at our top playlists ?? What's your favourite song?

Relax & Unwind

Chill Tracks  

Mood Booster 

Happy Hits!  

Motivation Mix 

Peaceful Piano