Please note that in Scotland It is illegal to smoke in most indoor places other than private homes. This includes restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, theatres, bingo halls, church halls, sports centres, shopping centres, public transport, schools, hospitals and all clubs.

All University premises including halls of residences are no smoking areas, as well as all pubs and clubs within the city. Smoking is not good for you – it causes a number of health problems aswell as the financial costs.

Pack a day smokers can spend over £2500 a year, but stopping doesn't have to cost you anything!  If you would like help and support to stop smoking then visit your local pharmacy where you can get advice and access to Nicotine Replacement Therapy all for FREE! or contact the NHS Grampian Smoking Advice Service on freephone 0500 600 332 for more advice and information.

For more information on smoking and how to stop visit