Why Plants are Good for Your Mental Health 

Constantly seeing and being around plants helps people feel calmer and more relaxed. This decreases levels of anxiety and stress and can also facilitate healing and uplift mood.

Having plants in your study space Increases attentiveness, concentration, and memory and is known to boost creativity and increase productivity. You can read more on this here, and by reading the below facts. 

They promote mindfulness - Plant ownership doesn’t just beautify your space, tending to them can have an immensely calming effect as you get lost in the moments of providing them care. This is an example of mindfulness, a very helpful practice for coping with stress and anxiety. 

They provide “low expectation” companionship - Although we know to reach out to our friends and family when times are tough, sometimes it’s nice to have a companion that isn’t expecting a conversation or a give-and-take interaction. In fact, there have been reports of doctors “prescribing” plants and participation in communal gardens to improve individual well-being. 

They show you the importance of the little things - Although gardening has been shown to restore mood, additional studies have also shown that even tiny doses of nature in our everyday lives can have big benefits for our happiness and well-being. Taking care of your plant babies is a great way to focus on the little things to ground yourself. Such small actions can provide big relief from the hectic energy of the daily grind. 

They’re beautiful and that makes us happy - Just as we decorate our spaces with comforting touches like family photos and knickknacks, plants play a similar role in making our homes more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Even science confirms a pop of colour from plants can evoke various positive effects on your mood. 

They can teach you how to let go - Not all plants survive, this can be for a variety of reasons. Maybe it was human error, or maybe they just didn’t have the right conditions to thrive. Having plants can teach us to let go and realize that sometimes things just don’t pull together for success as nicely as we wish they would. And that’s okay. 

They remind us of our link to nature - Keeping plants can help you appreciate how our lives and internal states can mimic nature: sometimes struggling, not always blooming, but always valid. With the cycles of life on display, it’s easier to trap into the wisdom of how you view life. 

They show us our actions have power - If you’re feeling down, it can sometimes feel like there are many forces outside of your control wreaking havoc on your life. Taking care of plants can provide us with some perspective that we do have some control, and that our actions matter. 

They remind us we also need care - The truth is, you can’t just fill your house with plants and call it a day, they need care and attention to grow and thrive. Working toward improved mental health is a process that also deserves your care and attention. 



How to be your own plant parent 

Luckily, we share some of the same requirements to thrive that plants do. Here are some self-care tips that work for plants and humans alike: 


Stay hydrated. 

Get lots of fresh air and sunlight. 

Make sure you’re getting the proper nutrients. 

Talk nicely about, and to, yourself. 

Know that it’s possible to perk up after you wilt. 

Give yourself the right conditions to thrive. 

Cut off “dead weight” that’s bringing you down. 

Tidy up your environment. 

Allow yourself to have “seasons.” 

If something isn’t working, troubleshoot. 


The text has been sourced from https://greatist.com/grow/plants-mental-health.