Cut The Rent

Aberdeen: Cut the Rent!


Over the last five years, the cost of staying in the cheapest halls for the academic year has increased by over £1150 (43%), locking students out of affordable accommodation while they settle into Aberdeen life. To stay in halls here at the University can cost in excess of £650 a month, and the average cost of halls is 102% of the standard student loan.

Aberdeen: Cut the Rent is campaigning to change that, and is calling on the university to lower the prices on its halls. We demand that the university: 

1. Cut the Rent on all halls of residence and cap it at 50% of the maximum student loan of £6750 provided by SAAS

2. Cut the Rent on the cheapest three halls of residence (currently Adam Smith, Wavell, and Fyfe House) and cap it at 50% of the £4750 standard student loan provided by SAAS 

Under these demands, all halls would cost no more than £86.50 per week based on a 39 week contract, and the cheapest three halls would cost no more than £60 per week based on the same length of contract. Students have a right to good quality, affordable housing - it is essential that the University of Aberdeen commit to providing this. 

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