Cut The Rent

Aberdeen: Cut the Rent!

Since 2011/12 the cost of staying in the cheapest halls for the academic year has increased by over £1150 (43%), rendering Aberdeen more unaffordable for students as they settle into Aberdeen life. To stay in halls here at the University can cost in excess of £630 a month, with a number of halls costing more than the full amount of standard SAAS standard. The cheapest halls currently stand at £99/week, which is a higher cost than the average private rental sector price in a shared flat within the city, and between 16/17 and 17/18 the amount of rooms available at this price has decreased - with now only two halls (Fyfe and Wavell) standing at £99/per week, compared to three halls available at this price in 16/17.

Aberdeen: Cut the Rent is campaigning to change the high cost of University halls, and is calling on the university to lower the prices on its halls. We ask that the University:

1. Cut the Rent on all halls of residence and cap it at 50% of the maximum student loan of £6750 provided by SAAS

2. Cut the Rent on the cheapest three halls of residence (currently Adam Smith, Wavell, and Fyfe House) and cap it at 50% of the £4750 standard student loan provided by SAAS 

Under these asks, all halls would cost no more than £86.50 per week based on a 39 week contract, and the cheapest three halls would cost no more than £60 per week based on the same length of contract. Students have a right to good quality, affordable housing - it is essential that the University of Aberdeen commit to providing this. 

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