Stefan Pelev is your Vice - President for Equal Opportunities and together with the Equality Forum Conveners, they work together on student welfare and fighting inequality.

We currently have a Welfare & Campaigns Officer, Emily Norton, who is there to support the general and specific Welfare campaigns. You can contact Emily at emily.norton@abdn.ac.uk

The welfare and equal opportunities has been working on a new Mental Health and Wellbeing Campaign called We're Here. The Campaign acts to collate and collaborate services on campus that promote positive wellbeing on campus. What the campaign does: 

- Work alongside university to ensure provisions are more accessible for students, in regards to wellbeing.

- Promote by hosting events and campaigns on issues in regards to mental health and wellbeing.

- To promote healthy living.

- To raise issues on what effects student life style.

If you would like to get involved, Email them on pres.welfare@abdn.ac.uk or visit AUSA on the second floor of Johnston Central Building.

AUSA Student Advice Centre

The AUSA Student Advice centre is located on the first floor of the Butchart centre and provides you with a one stop shop for all you advice needs. It can provide you with information from health to accommodation, bus times to free condoms feel free to pop in between 10.00am - 4pm Monday to Friday with any question, query or issue and our helpful team will be happy to help!


Nightline - 01224 27 28 29

During the night we run Nightline. Its a fully confidential and student run listening service for all your problems and concerns. The number is 01224 272829 and is manned between 8pm and 8am, whether you have a personal problem you want to chat about, stressful situation you want to talk over or simply want the nearest pizza take away - help is only a call away. You can now contact Nightline via Instant Messaging! To IM or find out more head to: http://aberdeen.nightline.ac.uk/