Aberdeen Fossil Free

We have 5x more fossil fuel reserves than we can burn in order to keep Global Warming below 2 degrees - and yet, energy companies across the world are continuing to drill for new reserves. We think it's time to revoke the moral license from the wreckage of our planet - and we are asking our institutions to do the same!

Students across the world are asking their universities to move their money away from fossil fuels - and so are we! Want to find out more?

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Aberdeen Uni Sees Refugees



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Standing together is key to victory and making the world a more profound place. Therefore, Aberdeen University’s Societies, AmnestyAnthropologyGerman,Global Minorities AllianceModel United NationsMuslim, Shared Planet, andYadam, have in collaboration with the Environment & Ethics Committee created ‘Aberdeen Uni Sees Refugees Campaign’ – and we need you to stand with us in a campaign of solidarity, so please send us a message (or email Lewis at if you can join efforts with us!