Executive Committee Elections

What is the Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee consists of the Sabbatical Officers and Part-Time Officers including the Chairs of the Foresterhill, Societies Union and RAG Committees as well as the Conveners of the Liberation & Section Forums. Together as a committee, they are responsible for student representation, campaigning and democracy. The Executive Committee meets fortnightly to discuss issues of importance to the student body and relating to the responsibilities below.

What is the Executive Committee Responsible for?

The Executive Committee is responsible for:

  • Student representation, campaigning and democracy.
  • The implementation of AUSA policy.
  • The relationship with the University, NUS, the local community and other external organisations.
  • Approving and reviewing the implementation of Officer individual and team objectives, prior to consideration of Council.
  • Coordinating the work of the Officer team and Officer Communication with members.
  • Agreeing attendance of Officers at external events and conferences.


Which positions are on the Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee is made up of:

  • The Sabbatical Officers
  • The Raising and Giving Committee Chair
  • The Societies Union Committee Chair
  • The Foresterhill Committee Chair
  • The Conveners of the Liberation & Section Forums

What do you need to stand?

All you need to stand is a completed online nomination form which can be found on AUSA’s website once nominations open and a manifesto. As these positions are associated with an Executive Committee Position, you will be required to provide 30 student proposers who will support your nomination for election. Please note that these students can only nominate one person per position so please make sure that anyone who agrees to support your nomination, is not already doing so for another candidate.


These elections will follow the timeline below: 

Nominations Open               19 February 2018, 9am

Nominations Close               2 March 2018, 4pm

Voting Opens                         19 March 2018, 9am

Voting Closes                         22 March 2018, 5pm

Results Announced               23 March 2018