Liberation and Section Forum Elections

Are you interested in standing for a position with a Liberation or Section Forums?

AUSA will elect our Liberation and Section forums as part of our Student Elections 2018. These forums exist to ensure the voices of marginalised and under-represented groups are heard within the Association and the University. These are part-time, voluntary positions elected by students. The Chair of each forum shall ordinarily sit on the Executive Committee.

What are the forums?

  • Black and Minority Ethnic (BME)
  • Disabled
  • LBGTQ+
  • Women’s and Non-Binary
  • Trans
  • International
  • Mature
  • Part-time
  • Postgraduate

Why stand?

This is your chance to promote, represent and campaign on issues which affect the different sections of the student body. You will be able to work with your forum in order to ensure that our campus, AUSA and the University are as welcoming to all students as possible. It’s also a great opportunity to develop skills in a range of areas such as representation, campaigning and communication.

What support is available?

The Student President is mandated by the Byelaws to support the Liberation and Section Forums. In addition to this AUSA employs a member of staff who also holds responsibility for providing support to the forums.

AUSA is working with this year's Forums in order to establish training support which would be provided at the start of the academic year and facilitating handover meetings between officers. 

What do you need to stand?

If you identify or self-identify into one of the groups above, all you need to stand is a completed online nomination form which can be found on AUSA’s website once nominations open. You will require to provide 10 student proposers who will support your nomination for election. Please note that these students can only nominate one person per position so please make sure that anyone who agrees to support your nomination, is not already doing so for another candidate. Those positions which are associated with a place on Executive Committee (Forum Chairs) will require 30 student proposers.


These elections will follow the same timeline as our Sabbatical Officer Elections: 

Nominations Open               19 February 2018, 9am

Nominations Close               2 March 2018, 4pm

Voting Opens                         19 March 2018, 9am

Voting Closes                         22 March 2018, 5pm

Results Announced               23 March 2018