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AUSA Student Reps Elections - October 2021

Thank you to everyone who took part in the AUSA Student Rep Elections, you can find out who was elected below: 



Vice-Chair of Student Council

Frank Blay

Communities Committee

Ordinary Member

Matthew Angell

Maria Bibiloni

Environment and Ethics Committee

Campaign Coordinator

Rebecca Taylor

Ordinary Member

Gabriel Brame

Ruth Helmore

Sports Union Committee

Events Convener

Satu Astikainen

Media Convener

Christopher Hempton

Performance Sport Convenor

Harnam Mann

Welfare Convenor

Abdulai Amulugu Mohammed

Societies Union Committee

First Year Representative

Oliver Boyd

Undergraduate Education Committee

School of Divinity, History and Philosophy Convener

Samuel David

School of Medical Sciences Convener

Flora Alapy

School of Medicine Convener

Heather Smith

School of Natural and Computing Sciences Convener

Athinoulla Konstantinou

School of Geosciences Convener

Croy Langlands

Postgraduate Education Committee

Vice-Chair for Postgraduate Education

Nathan Hughes

Postgraduate Representative for Business

Daniella Ekekwe

Postgraduate Representative for Biological Sciences

Sofia Jimenez

Postgraduate Representative for Engineering

Re-Open Nominations

Qatar Committee

Qatar Committee Chair

Taha Siddiqi

MA (Hons) Accountancy & Finance Representative

Minahil Sabir Ali

Communities Officer/Representative

Eman Hassan

Ordinary Member

Wafa Rahman

Women and Non-Binary Students' Forum

WANB Convener

Ava Lindberg

WANB Secretary

Shwetal Funde

International Students' Forum

International Forum Convener

Dr Banitya Mohan Tripura

International Forum Secretary

Shwetal Funde

Student Workers' Forum


Martin Le Brech


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