Sabbatical Officer Elections

AUSA Student Elections Explained

AUSA is led by five elected students, known as sabbatical officers.  These officers are full-time, paid representatives of the student body, and are elected for a one-year term every spring.

These officers work together as a team, each focusing on their individual remit.  

A candidate's manifesto will determine the main ideas and issues they will focus on during their term.

Sabbaticals will collaborate on issues aiming to make positive change at University, local and national level.

As the role is a full-time, paid position, students take a sabbatical year from their study in order to take up their post.

You can also stand for election in your last year of study and take up the role upon graduation.

If you have further questions, please contact the Chair of Elections Committee by emailing to or

You can view the full results here