Student Council Elections

If you are interested in representing your fellow students, you could become a member of AUSA's Student Council by standing for election for one of our standing committees.

Why stand?

Standing for election to one of AUSA's Committees is your chance to take forward the views of students to influence and campaign for change at the University and beyond. Whether you want to campaign on environmental or welfare issues, raise money for charity, influence academic issues, run the societies’ union, improve sports at the University, build links with the local community, or ensure the voices of students at Foresterhill are heard. All you need to do is nominate yourself and get your peers to vote for you once voting opens.

We have positions available for the following committees:

  • Communities
  • Education
  • Postgraduate Education Committee
  • Environment & Ethics
  • Foresterhill
  • Raising & Giving (RAG)
  • Societies Union
  • Sports’ Union
  • Welfare

You can read more about the Committees here.

What do you need to stand?

All you need to stand is a completed online nomination form which can be found on AUSA’s website once nominations open. Those positions which are associated with a place on Executive Committee will require 10 student proposers who will support your nomination for election. Please note that these students can only nominate one person per position so please make sure that anyone who agrees to support your nomination, is not already doing so for another candidate.


Nominations Open               10 September 2018, 9am

Nominations Close               21 September 2018, 4pm

Voting Opens                         25 September 2018, 9am

Voting Closes                         27 September 2018, 5pm

Results Announced               28 September 2018