Event Description


Tuesday 13 April 2021 at 6pm - 7:30pm


Join us on the 13th of April, we'll be deciding who runs AUFS next year! Even if you aren't planning on joining the committee, don't miss this event, in order to have a say on how the society will be run. If you do want to be on the committee, you can express your interest by filling in this short form: https://forms.gle/sg9JxrwDvsZhZktv8 (spontaneous candidacies on the day are also accepted, this just allows us to organize things a bit better!). Here is a breakdown of the various positions available:


    • Your role is to lead and moderate committee meetings, plan and lead society meetings and organize and enable other committee members to do their jobs. Additionally, you have to ensure that you answer any questions people have about the society and you are essentially the face of the society. You are the first point of call for all happenings in the society and you need to know everything that is going on at all times. Most importantly, you are motivating everyone in the society to make films and get stuff done!


    • The VP is second in command and assumes the role of President in their absence. You are in charge of ensuring that you also have the same knowledge as the President, and are also up-to-date with all the happenings of the society. You assist the President and make sure that the society runs smoothly. Overall, you tend to have quite a bit of freedom as VP: the work you do will depend a lot on how you and the president decide to split the responsibility of leading the society! It's also not unusual for the VP to work on their own side-projects, as was the case for launching the AUFS Website a couple of years ago.


    • The Secretary is responsible for maintaining communication between AUSA and the other societies in the university. You are in charge of taking down minutes during committee meetings and keeping the email and Google Drive up to date. You are also in charge of booking rooms for regular meetings and socials. In the case of an emergency, the Secretary is in charge if both the President and Vice President are absent.


    • The role of the treasurer is to manage money and help with fundraisers. The treasurer is expected to keep a detailed cashbook and record of all money that comes in and out of the society and keep all receipts of any expenditures. Additionally, as fundraiser, you are expected to create opportunities to fund the society's activities (particularly the trip to Glasgow and new equipment), which includes applying to AUSA and University grants.

    • The treasurer cannot be in their final year of study when they assume the role


    • The role of the events' coordinator is to organize events run throughout the year, mostly at freshers and refreshers (during the rest of the year, people are generally busy with their films!). Your biggest job is to organize our biggest event of the year, the Glasgow Film Festival, including sorting out travel, accommodation and the itinerary as well as calculating costs so we know how much money should be raised. You will also work closely with the fundraiser to organize bake sales and pub quizzes or any extra fundraising events. Depending on the COVID Situation in September, you will also be responsible for the health and safety of our members, ensuring that the appropriate measures are being taken.


    • The Equipment Manager's role is to be the information point regarding the equipment AUFS owns. You are also in charge of managing the safekeeping of said equipment, and of accepting/denying/editing any equipment booking requests made by members of the society through our online portal (https://aufilmmaking.co.uk/equipment). You must also be aware of any equipment we need to purhcase, and find the means of doing so, by working with the fundraiser/treasurer


    • You are responsible for taking care of the society’s social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) and website. You also create stories when we put on events, posts photos and creates events on the Facebook page. Additionally, you answer questions sent to us via Facebook and Instagram. Any other promotion also falls under your control e.g. fliers, announcements in lectures, etc... This role has a lot of freedom for you to make it your own!


You can find more detailed information in our constitution: https://aufilmmaking.co.uk/about/constitution and of course don't hesitate to ask any questions to any committee member! We'll also have a Q&A on the 23rd of March.


Also, if you want to amend the constitution, anyone can submit a motion during the AGM! Let us know if you would be interested in doing so.


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