Give it a Go-Session: Summer Comeback Catch-Up

Online / MS Teams

Wednesday 22 September 2021 at 5pm - 7pm

Give it a Go-Session: Summer Comeback Catch-Up

A chill online hang out, where we watch the music videos of releases that came out in August and September. Join us to get to know the existing members of the society and to see how our events and the society in general work.

Joining this meeting does not mean, that you'll have to join the society. It is meant to give you an impression of what we do over the course of the year. So feel free to tag along and chat with us!


As AUSA tries not to post access-links to online events to the broad public, the link to the Microsoft Teams will be shared on our Discord-Server. So please join the discord to gain access to the event. (Joining the discord does not automatically mean, that you have to join the society and buy a membership.)