All registered students automatically become a member of AUSA, which means that can benefit from the facilities and services that we offer. This includes joining one of our many sports clubs, student groups and societies. We also provide extensive student support and representation. You’ll find AUSA in the Union Building, Elphinstone Road, Aberdeen, AB24 3TU.
There are 255 societies, groups and clubs affiliated with the student’s association at the University of Aberdeen. These range from football, dance, debating to ultimate frisbee, a cappella and cheerleading. It’s also important to note that our sports clubs are open to all at any level, from those who want to represent the university to just taking part recreationally.
AUSA is run by students, for students. There are five full time Sabbatical Officers: The Student President, and the Vice Presidents for Welfare, Education, Communities and Sport. They ensure the student voice is heard within the University, local community and to a wider audience as part of its work with the National Union of Students. There is also the Student Council, which creates and debates motions that shape the work of the association. Underrepresented groups, such as mature students and the LGBT+ community have forums to ensure their voices are amplified within the association. Elections are held throughout the year, with more information available on AUSA.org.uk.
Freshers’ is one of the most memorable parts of the University experience, and is a great chance to discover new opportunities, orientate yourself with the university and students’ association whilst meeting new people. There’s lots of events on the programme, and plenty for everyone to get involved with.
Freshers’ Fayres’ are your chance to meet and interact with the services provided by the university and AUSA; societies, groups and clubs, alongside businesses and organisations from the wider community. Inside the tent on King’s Lawn, you’ll find each of these groups who will be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns – and it’s also a chance to grab a few freebies. The Freshers’ Welcome Fayre will be held on Monday 20th September, and the Student Activities Fayre on Tuesday the 21st and Wednesday the 22nd of September. Visit the events section on the website for more info.
AUSA Support and Advice services are happy to help with any concerns you may have in settling into university life. There are a number of bookable 1-2-1 sessions or drop in’s during Freshers’ - just look out for “ASK AUSA” in the events section of website. If you aren’t able to attend these events, AUSA staff will be around at most Freshers’ events, just look out for the blue T-shirt. We will be happy to help!
Freshers’ 2021 starts on 13th of September until the 26th of September. We’re operating under Scottish Government COVID-19 restrictions, which may be different from the restrictions in your home country, even if that’s elsewhere in the UK. Luckily, due to vaccination rates, we’re able to offer a variety of physical events on campus, details of which can be found across this website. In addition, to include those who are unable to be on campus, we have a selection of events which will be held solely online, or in a hybrid format. The location or platform that each event will be held on is detailed on this website.
Freshers’ is open to everyone, but events are tailored to those who are starting their University course this academic year.
This year AUSA will not be selling Freshers’ wristbands. Instead, students are encouraged to purchase induvial event tickets online. However, AUSA will be selling exclusive ATIK passes for £10 during Freshers’. Keep an eye out for our stall at Hillhead, Fayres and in Union Brew.
All events (excluding ATIK) are open to under 18! All students must carry acceptable ID to Freshers’ events. At events where alcohol is on sale, AUSA will be following a strict “Challenge 25” policy, which means anyone who looks under 25 will be asked to show proof of age.
AUSA are working hard with the University to ensure all events are as safe as possible for all students and staff. During our events we will be encouraging social distancing, hand sanitation and masks when appropriate. We will also be putting procedures in place to clean any touch points thought out all events.
Due to COVID-19, many of our events are being held either online or both online and on campus, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to get involved during Freshers’, even if you aren’t in Aberdeen. This website has details on where events are being held. Furthermore, AUSA and its societies, groups and clubs organise events throughout the year that you can take part in. You don’t have to join societies at the Student Activities Fayre, you can get in touch throughout the year, their details are available on the AUSA website.
We urge students to be vigilant when purchasing tickets online for Freshers’ events which have not been advertised or endorsed by AUSA or the University of Aberdeen. For official Freshers’ updates and event announcements, keep an eye the AUSA website and social media channels.


ATIK Pass 2021 – Terms and Conditions

1. Entitlements:

i.  The official Freshers' 2021 pass entitles the pass holder to free entry to all official late night events during Freshers’ 2021 at ATIK. Any other events not held at ATIK will be ticketed events and not part of the pass deal.

2. Conditions of purchase and use:

ii. The official Freshers' 2021 pass will be sold at a non-negotiable price of £10.00 (inc VAT) per pass (sticker), to be paid by card (or, where facilities are available cash) at designated sites.

iii. ATIK reserves the right to refuse entry due to inappropriate behavior, apparent excessive alcohol intake, failure to meet minimum age restrictions of 18 or over, failure to produce proof of age, Vaccine Passport or any other reason as deemed appropriate.

iv.  AUSA takes no responsibility for the sale of passes to individuals who fail to meet minimum venue entry age restrictions. AUSA will not be held responsible, nor offer any refund, to pass holders refused entry to venues if this individual fails to meet a given venue’s admission requirements.

v.  ATIK reserves the right to remove pass holders from the venue at the discretion of management, security staff or AUSA staff present within the venue.

vi. This pass does not guarantee entry into official events due to venue capacity safety restrictions but will facilitate priority entry for pass holders.

vii. The official late-night Freshers' 2021 venue is ATIK

viii. AUSA and ATIK reserve the right to alter, reschedule or cancel entertainment at events without notice and without refund to pass holders.

ix.  AUSA is in no way responsible for pass holders’ advantage of any late-night transport service from the ATIK to halls of residence. It is entirely the pass holder’s responsibility to ensure they queue appropriately to access any transport and behave in a safe and responsible manner for the duration of the journey.

x.  The pass does not entitle the pass holder to priority or free access on any bus or taxi service.

xi. Passes are intended for use by University of Aberdeen students and are not valid when stuck on the card of any other person. AUSA representatives reserve the right to refuse sale of a pass to a person they suspect of not being a University of Aberdeen student. AUSA and venue representatives reserve the right to refuse pass benefits if worn by anyone other than a student studying at the University of Aberdeen in 2021/2022 and are entitled to request to see appropriate identification, both at the point of sale and throughout Freshers’ 2021.

xii.  Only one pass may be purchased per person. Only one pass may be sold per transaction or at the discretion of the AUSA representative conducting the sale.

xiv.  Persons without passes, accompanying a pass holder, will not automatically be entitled to pass benefits, including priority entry.

xv.   AUSA reserves the right to withdraw the pass without refund in the event of inappropriate usage by the bearer.

xvi.  The pass must be stuck on the pass holder’s University of Aberdeen student ID in good, legible condition in order to be valid. AUSA and ATIK reserve the right to refuse benefits if they suspect misuse, including but not limited to transfer of passes between individuals.

xvii.  Passes must be secured in place on the student ID of the intended pass holder at the time of purchase, to the satisfaction of an AUSA representative present at the point of sale.

xviii.  Passes are non-transferable and will not be replaced by AUSA in the event of damage, theft or any other reason.

3. Complaints procedure

1.    AUSA will not be held responsible for any failure by partner venues to provide official green Freshers' ATIK pass entitlements.

2.    Any complaints may be lodged with AUSA. Any dispute will only ATIK at the discretion of AUSA. Complaints should be made in writing via to ausa@abdn.ac.uk or by post to AUSA, AUSA Students’ Union, Elphinstone Road

Aberdeen, AB24 3TU


For the purposes of this contract, Freshers’ 2021 events in partnership with ATIK begins at 10pm Saturday 18th September, and finishes at the closing time of the late-night venues on the morning of Saturday 25th September, 2021. ‘AUSA’ refers to the Aberdeen University Students’ Association