Recognition of your extracurricular activities

The Enhanced Transcript

Your Enhanced Transcript lists courses that you have undertaken during your time as a registered student and provides a record of additional University-approved activities.
To read further about the Enhanced Transcript, please visit the University's InfoHub.

Additional information on your Enhanced Transcript

You can boost your enhanced transcript by engaging in and gaining recognition for your extra- and co-curricular activities.

If you take part in any of the recognised extra/co-curricular activities such as becoming a committee member of any of the AUSA-affiliated Societies or Sport Clubsgroups , you’re a Class Rep, you sit on one of the Student Council­­ Committees, or engage in one of the many Careers and Employability Service’s co-curricular programmes, such as the STAR Award, these will be displayed in the ‘additional information’ section at the bottom of your transcript.

For more information on the Enhanced Transcript, a comprehensive list of recognised activities, and gaining recognition for getting involved with extra/co-curricular activities whilst at the University of Aberdeen, please visit the InfoHub.


How to gain recognition for your AUSA roles

AUSA Activity Committee

Committee members of an AUSA affiliated Society, Group or Sports Club are eligible to gain recognition of their roles on their Enhanced Transcript.

There are 3 key tasks that you need to complete/attend in order to be recognised:

1.  Application to relevant pathway: Apply for the Enhanced Transcript through the relevant activities pathway to your position. Please see the link to access these below. 
2. Skills Hub Modules: Complete at least 3 modules from our skills hub training that is relevant to your position and upload proof of passing the relative modules.
3. ET Report: Complete the report which includes committee meetings attended, all responsibilities and activities completed in your role and complete a reflective report including feedback from your role and reflect on what you have learnt from the experience. (This should be completed throughout your role on committee September-March. You can only upload and complete this step from 28th February-15th April). 
4. Presidents only - must also ensure they complete Part 4 of the ET Report. 


ET Pathways will go live from 12th September and the deadline for completing all stages of the Enhanced Transcript is the 15th April. (Please note the last stage is only open to complete from 28th February-15th April). 

The direct links for the pathways are as follows: 


Class Rep

As a Class Rep, in order for your role to be recognised on your transcript, you need to

1. Complete the Class Rep training by the deadline communicated to you at the start of your role.

2. Provide a record of your attendance of your school's SSLC (Staff-Student Liaison Committee) meetings. The list of attendees from the SSLC meetings will be provided by the Schools to AUSA. If you have missed the meeting, please inform the AUSA Reps Team by emailing, as we will need to obtain confirmation that you have been active in your role from your school.

3. Completion of a self-reflective work report. 


Student Council 

For Student Council Committee Members the following criteria apply to gain recognition:

  1. Attend 50% of Student Council Meetings
  2. Attend 50% of the committee’s meetings
  3. Complete of a self-reflective work report via Careers Connect by the deadline communicated to you at the start of your role.

If you have missed a significant amount of meetings, but believe you have gone over and above in your role and deserve recognition for the role, please contact the AUSA Reps Team by emailing as we will need to obtain a reference from the chair of your committee.