Each year AUSA hosts the King's Ball where we celebrate the achievements of both Societies and individuals who have contributed to ensuring the students of Aberdeen have the most fun and rewarding experience whilst studying here. 

The Kings Awards celebrate those individuals that have gone above and beyond in their roles on society committees. There are two categories - Merit and Distinction.  You need to have been involved for 2+ years to be eligible and can receive each award once. 

Society Awards:  

These are awarded annually by the AUSA and the Societies Union Committee for outstanding efforts.  More on each award below.  Below is a summary of the awards with full criteria available once nominations open in term 2. 

Society of the Year - This award is given for a society that can demonstrate outstanding achievement in a variety of areas by providing a great experience for their members, development of their activity as well as a positive representation of themselves and the institution.    

Best Event - This award celebrates an outstanding event put on by one society or by several societies within the current academic year. 

Most Dedicated Society – This award is given based on the progress and delivery of a society’s development plan and goals for the year.  

King’s Award with Merit: 

The King’s Award of Merit is for students who have been involved in their chosen society for more than one year and their committee would like to recognise them for doing more than their role or committee expects of an individual.   

King’s Award with Distinction: 

This award is a recognition for students who have given two or more years to their chosen society activity.  Nominations are completed society committees for individuals who have demonstrated personal development through their dedication to the society.  They will also have continuously given large amounts of time to effort to the growth of their society. 

Winners List 2021-2022

Kings Award with Merit: 

Julia Pamp 

Alzbeta Manova 

Martina Ferretti 

Freya Juul Jensen 

Aidan william Armstrong 

Lydia Gahr 

Kings Award With Distinction: 

Ainhoa Burgos Aguilera 

Rebekah Loy 

Victorie-Anne Gomez-Llorens 

Best Event: 

Nordic Society 

Most Dedicated Society: 

The Secret Garden Society 

Society of the Year:

Law Society 



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