Covid-19 Hub

Date of last update: Friday 8 January 2021

Below is the current list of AUSA’s expectations for behaviour as interpreted by current Scottish Government Guidelines.  This information below should give you and your committee a clearer picture of AUSA’s current stance on activities organised by the Student Activities.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with for more information.


Do I need a COVID Officer?

Every Student Activity must have a COVID Officer in place before any in person activities can take place, even if the activities are within government guidelines.  More information about this, including a checklist that must be completed by any committee looking to move forward with in person activity, is available on the Presidents’ and VPs Team page.  Every activity/event/training that is in person, must be risk assessed and approved by AUSA.  If you are still unsure, please contact with any questions you might have.


What is the policy for Give-it-A-Go’s?

Online only – Give-it-a-goes are considered events, which are subject to the current restrictions in place which is to stay at home unless essential to travel or meet outdoors, maximum of two adults from two households.  All training sessions are suspended until further notice for the same reason unless you have approval from AUSA and go through the return to activity processes again to reflect the new restrictions of tier 4/lockdown. There are great ways to plan online events, and we have put more information together and posted in the Presidents & VP's Team.


What is the current policy on events?

Online only – Due to current government restrictions, no face to face activities can take place while tier 4/lockdown is in place in Scotland.  There is a link the section above with some help on how to run online events and please get in touch with if you are looking for some support. 


What is the current policy on in-person off-campus events?

No off-campus events should be organised by any AUSA affiliated Student Activities.  As current government guidance and travel restrictions have closed venues and outdoor events are not possible, we ask you to move to online events and engagement only until further notice.


Can a Student Activity hand out leaflets or flyers on campus?

Not at this time – As this would cause people to be in close contact with a large number of people which could potential spead the virus very easily.  This is in line with the university policy to not have handouts in teaching environments for this reason.


What is the current policy on committee meetings?

Online only - Current government guidance does not allow for the mixing of households indoors and therefore we ask all committee meetings to take place online. 


What is the current policy on bake sales?

Not with current restrictions - At the moment the sale of food and drink is heavily monitored at the University.  Due to tier 4/lockdown restrictions this is not possible at this time.


What is the current policy on travel?

Public transport, walking, cycling and travelling with household only – According to current travel Scotland guidelines which can be found here, students should not be mixing with other households while traveling, should be maintaining social distancing while on public transport and no car sharing should be taking place. 


Are university room bookings open to Student Activities?

Not yet – At this time, due to the current government restrictions on number of students in teaching rooms and strict cleaning regimes, the university is unable to open room bookings for non-academic activity at this time.  This is being constantly reviewed and should the situation change, a message will be sent to presidents through the Team site set up for them.


What process do I need to follow in order to hold an event, training, team trials or committee meeting?

AUSA’s policy is that all in person activities need to be risk assessed individually and must follow the ‘checklist for COVID Officers’.  They can be downloaded from the President's and VPs Team or the COVID Officer team site.  If you do not have access to those, please get in touch with Kieran to help.  


For more information on AUSA’s expectations for Student Activities, please download the pdf here.