Date of last update: 02/02/22


Below is the current list of AUSA’s expectations for behaviour as interpreted by current Scottish Government Guidelines.The information below should give you and your committee a clearer picture of AUSA’s current stance on activities organised by its affiliated Student Activities.If you have any questions, please get in touch with for more information. 


What process do we need to follow to hold face to face activities?

AUSA’s policy is that all in-person activities need to be risk assessed by category and must follow the below process:

  1. Trained COVID Officer must be in place.

  1. Risk assessment should be completed (1st copy for each category needs to be submitted to AUSA) and submitted into the Google Form, the categories are detailed below to help show which events fall in to each one. 

  1. Risk assessments should be submitted at least 10 days before the activity date.

  1. Once you have submitted the risk assessment, please monitor the risk assessment tracker on the?Committees Microsoft Team.

  1. When AUSA have checked and approved the risk assessment, you will be highlighted as green which means that you will be good to go. Please keep updating the risk assessment before each activity though. It won’t need approved each time though as point 8 suggests.

  1. Staff will aim to check the Google drive on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

  2. When green, AUSA will send you the test and protect link and information which each member must fill out before each session.

  3. Once you have been put in green for the category, you won’t need to get approval again for AUSA unless your session falls under another category. However, if you are doing another event/activity in that category, you should be creating another copy with risks adjusted for the specific event.  We won’t ask for them every time, but you are responsible for making sure these are complete. 

  1. If you have any concerns, questions, or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact or


Sports club categories 

Category 1: Training or give it a go’s (follow NGB guidelines) 

Category 2: Home fixtures

Category 3: Away fixtures (includes travel risks) 

Category 4: Hosting events or overnight trips (travel and accommodation) 


Societies & Groups categories: 

Category 1: Small event or meeting 

Hosting or attending an event or meeting for less than 50 attendees 

Takes place in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire 


Category 2: Medium sized events 

Hosting or attending events for less than 150 attendees 

Event takes place in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire 


Category 3: Large events 

Hosting or attending events that exceed?150 attendees 

Takes place in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire 


Category 4: Day trip 

Event takes place?out with?Aberdeen(shire) but?it's?still in Scotland, involves travelling. 

Doesn’t involve staying overnight at the venue 

Category 5: International trip or overnights stay at an event 

Any trip that takes place outside of Scotland 

Any trip that involves staying overnight at a venue instead of coming home on the same day. 


Test & Protect 

Once approved by AUSA, its essential that test and protect is filled out by attendees before each session. Please see the process below: 

  1. Send this link to members for them to fill out on their way to training or as they arrive  

  1. They will be asked all the questions that are on the test and protect form but on an online form instead  

  1. It's essential that they put what activity they are from as this will be how its recorded on the club, societies or groups' files.  

  1. Email or with the number of students that should have filled it out (no names, just the number) – needs to be completed no later than 24 hours after the session. 


Do I need a COVID Officer? 

Every Student Activity must have a COVID Officer in place before any in-person activities can take place, even if the activities are within government guidelines. Every activity/event/training that is in person, must be risk assessed and approved by AUSA through the below approval process. Please list this person on your risk assessments.  If you missed the training on the 27th of August, please join the COVID Officer team, watch the video in the files section and email to confirm that you have watched it then you will be approved.  The link to joining the team can be found in emails sent to your AUSA email.  If you are still unsure, please contact with any questions you might have.


What is the policy for Give-it-A-Go’s?

Give-it-A-Go’s are classified as category one activities for sport and subject to size for societies and groups.  Once you have been approved by AUSA to host a category one activity or event, you are able to host a give-it-A-go session. Until approval is given, this can’t take place though!  


What is the current policy on in-person off-campus events? 

No off-campus events should happen unless the risk assessment for this category has been given approval by AUSA. If your event is with an external venue, please ask them for their risk assessment to help you and so that you can ensure you are comfortable that the measures they have in place will keep you and your members/guests safe. 


Can a Student Activity hand out leaflets or flyers on campus?

Not at this time – As this would cause people to be in close contact with a large number of people which could?potential?spread?the virus very easily.?This is in line with the university policy to not have handouts in teaching environments for the same?reason.? 


What is the current policy on committee meetings?

If you have been approved for category 1 activities, then you will be able to organise face-to-face meetings. If not, then please continue to host these meetings online. Please ensure that if the meeting is face to face that all committee members can still access it, even if they are not on your campus. 


What is the current policy on bake sales?

Not with current restrictions -?At the moment?the sale of food and drink is heavily monitored at the University.?This is a?high-risk?activity due to preparation of food and distribution, this is under review by the university and an update will be issued in due course. 


What is the current policy on travel? 

Public transport, walking, cycling and travelling with household only – According to current travel Scotland guidelines which can be found here.  Students should not be mixing with other households while traveling, students should continue to wear masks while on public transport and no car sharing should be taking place with anyone out with your household. Although there is some guidance about how to mitigate risks while carsharing on the Travel Scotland website, the guidance is still that this is a last resort. The University’s policy is that this should be avoided unless necessary. This would need to be approved through your risk assessment and at this time AUSA has yet to be given the approval by the university to do this unless it’s under extreme circumstances. 


Are university room bookings open to Student Activities? 

Yes, room bookings are open to student activities. Further information on these can be found here


For more information on AUSA’s expectations for Student Activities, please download the pdf here.  This outlines not only our expectations, but processes and consequences should the above not be followed by student activities. 


If you have suggestions about how this can be made clearer, or if you feel anything is missing from the above, please contact