Campaign Workshops

Register your campaign and join us in a number of workshops hosted by the NUS.

These workshops will be an opportunity to look at how to start and plan campaigns, and how we campaign more effectively, and more. The event will be held on 26th and 28th of February, please ensure you are available on both days as you will receive a confirmation on which day your campaign will be featured once all campaigns have been registered. Please get in touch with if for some reason, you have any obligations that causes you to be unable to attend on either of the dates. We will do our best to accommodate if you are part of multiple campaigns, however, you will be asked to state your first choice campaign.

Food (plant-based) and refreshments will be provided at the event as long as you sign up before the 17th of February, so make sure you notify us of any dietary restrictions. 


The workshop will be run by the NUS Campaigns Officer and the event will be completely free of charge, as long as you sign up before the deadline!

This means you can get professional help with:

  • Organising and planning your campaign,
  • Different styles of campaigns to suit your objective,
  • Learning how to ensure it is run effectively and stays alive until you have accomplished your objective,
  • The support available to you by AUSA and the NUS.

You do not need to already have an active campaign to join, just an idea and a passion for change is enough.  As long as you sign up with your preferred campaign, you will be able to get tailored help to get started and stay active,


To register your interest in the workshops please fill in the form here