Free Education

On the 15th November, thousands of students from across the country will be marching through London for the "Free Education - Tax the Rich!" Demonstration in London, organised by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. 

With the recent shift in the political landscape, and the government on the backfoot, free education is within our grasp - now we need to sieze it! This demo is running on three main demands: Scrap All Fees, Living Grants for All, and Stop the Campus Cuts. Across the country, students are living in poverty, and only a radical re-shaping of our funding system will end this. That's why this demonstration is so important, and why Aberdeen will - as we do each year - make the long trip down to London. 

We travel the furthest and shout the loudest...

So join us! We are offering subsidised tickets on the megabus for only £10.  Aberdeen on November 14th at 6.45pm, and arriving in London at 6.15am on the morning of the 15th. Crash space will be arranged in London before boarding the bus on the morning of November 16th, leaving London at 8.00am and arriving in Aberdeen at 8.45pm that evening. 

See you on the streets!

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