Student Workers

Student Workers is a campaign driven by the AUSA Communities Committee in order to best support students who work while they study. 

We ran a 'Working While Studying' survey that received over 800 responses, to gather student feedback on their experiences as student workers so that we could best identify how AUSA can support student workers - and further, to discern improvements that need to be made within the University so that we can lobby for students' interests. Following the outcome of the survey, we will be working to lobby the University to provide attendance allowance and assignment extensions for those working over the University's recommended hours.

Some of the key findings from the survey report: 

  • Around one third are working over the University's recommended hours 
  • 31% said they had required an extension due to working alongside University, and of those 45% said they did not receive adequate support from the University in terms of providing extensions or assessment flexibility due to working 
  • Over a quarter are employed on 0-hours contracts 
  • 50% receive no student funding (largely EU/International students), stating they are left with no choice but to work

You can view the full report below

The campaign has also partnered with Unite the Union to provide drop-in sessions for students to talk about issues they are having with their employer, and we are working on creating materials on joining a trade union and your rights in the workplace to be circulated to all students. 

If you would like more information, or want to know how to get involved, email the AUSA Communities Officer, Lina Nass, at