University Corporate Venue Hire


AUSA are working in partnership with the University to provide free corporate rooms bookings for AUSA affiliated student activities. The spaces available are as below:



Additional COVID-19 related booking forms - please see steps below to see if you need to complete both or just the In-Person Event Approval Form. 

Booking Forms:




Important things you should know before you book:

  • Bookings can be requested 5 weeks to 3 days before your event date.
  • AUSA will be able to access up to 28 hours a week for student bookings.  This will be done on a first come first served basis.
  • Bookings for during the day can be booked for 1 of 3 options, 9-13:00, 1300-1700 or 9-1700. 
  • Bookings for evenings can be requested for minimum of 4 hours up to maximum of 6 hours any time after 5pm.
  • Events need to be finished by 11pm.
  • We can’t take block or repeat bookings to allow everyone a fair opportunity to use the spaces.
  • If you wish to bring in your own AV, table cloths etc, this will be fine, but you just need to run it by Campus services first so they can double check it’s safe.
  • There may be charges for services provided by Campus Services for things they do besides providing the room like security, table clothes or AV.  Please check with Campus Services at the time of booking. 
  • Any food and drink must be provided by the University unless otherwise agreed, so no outside food can be brought in, home cooked or otherwise.  The same goes for drinks and alcohol as the building’s alcohol licence is held by the Campus Services team and they are responsible for any consumption of drink in these venues.  However, they have provided a list of corkage fees and have waved these fees for ‘appreciation events’ like a gin tasting.  Full details can be found through the Food and Drinks link below.
  • If you are arranging an event where there are additional fees, you will be invoiced for 20% of your fees straight away, and the rest will need to be paid 7 days before your event.  Full terms and conditions can be found below.
  • For events with external speakers, please also submit an external speaker form (see below) alongside your booking form.


 How to book:


1. Scottish Government Guidelines

Have you checked the current Scottish Government guidelines to assess whether your event could go ahead under the current restrictions? Visit for information.


2. Is your Event/Meeting for less than 100 attendees?

If you are planning an event or meeting for less than 100 attendees, indoors or outdoors, on or off campus, then you will only require approval from your AUSA. You should therefore complete Step 3 only


3. Sign off from AUSA

Before you can host your event you will require approval from AUSA. This involves sending the booking request form (below), In-Person Event Approval Form (above) as well as making sure you’ve been approved for the appropriate category risk assessment (please see the risk assessment tracker on our Committee Members 21-22 Teams channel). We’ll get back to you if there are any issues; if we are happy we will forward the request onto the Conference and Events team for consideration. Once approval has been given; if your event is for less than 100 attendees you can proceed with your event. However, if your event is for more than 100 attendees you must seek further approval as set out in Step 4.


4. In-Person Event Approval Submission

If your event is for more than 100 attendees, indoors or outdoors, on or off campus, you are required to submit an Event Booking Form (below), In-Person Event Approval Form (above) and a Risk Assessment to the In-Person Events Group for approval. Approval should be sought at least 2 weeks in advance of the event via This route may take longer as the requests need to be considered by the university’s COVID Committee.


5. Approval & Next Steps

Once the relevant level of approval has been granted, you can proceed with the planning and organisation of your event in the usual way. If approval is not granted by the In-Person Events Group, the reasoning behind the decision and further advice will be given.