Vegbag (The Vegbag Co-operative) has closed for now and is looking for new students who want to take lead of and shape the project. If you are interested in getting involved email

The student-run VegBag co-operative brings seasonal, ORGANIC, and as local as possible fruit and veggies to campus every Tuesday during term time!


We work with Lembas Organics.

Order online

Place your order before 4.00pm on Tuesday to collect the next week, orders placed after this time will roll over to the following week.



Pay by cash or card

Drop by the Corner Food Coop, on the Ground Floor of the Students’ Union Building daily 12-4pm.

Please note, that orders placed after 4pm on Tuesday are for two weeks’ time.


Tuesdays 12-4pm from The Corner Food Coop. Veggies come as loose items, so please remember to bring your reusable bag with you when you collect!

or if orderd to Hillhead the orders will be availbe for collection from the AUSA Hilhead building from 5-7pm (on Tuesdays) 


Our Philosophy
We simply would rather get cheaper organic veggies that you can really taste! The abundant availability of over-packaged, ready-prepared, clean, inorganically grown vegetables in shops is just overwhelming, and the cold exchange of money for food over the counter in massive supermarkets with glaring yellow lights is just not an experience that especially attracts us. It’s also a bit worrying to think that some kids these days do not know what a carrot looks like!

Come help out!
We are constantly in need of volunteers so just come and talk to us VegBabes if you're interested. Everyone who helps out, gets a large VegBag for the price of a small one!

If you have had a driving licence for 3 years or more, we'd love to hear from you as we always need help picking up the veggies. We reimburse fuel costs and you'll get a free VegBag too!

Email us at or come see us at the Students' Union Building!