Reps' Resources

Reps' Resources

As a Class Rep, you should gather feedback from your fellow students on a number of components that have impact on their learning experience, such as:

  • Teaching resources
  • Study resources
  • Teaching methods
  • Course content and structure
  • Assessment methods

More information about your role from training slides and your Reps' Handbook:

Reps' Handbook


How to -guides

Our new 'how to' -guides will also help you to get started in your role. These provide you clear and practical tips for becoming a successful Class Rep. 

How to communicate with your classmates?

How to conduct an effective survey?

How to deliver feedback?

How to make the most of your meetings?

Remember that if you are not sure if a student's concern is a part of the scope of SSLC meetings, you can also email us, your AUSA Reps Team (