Annual General Meeting (AGM)

AUSA Annual General Meeting


What is an AGM?

AUSA's Annual General Meeting (AGM) provides a chance for students to learn about the achievements of AUSA and the Trustee Board during the previous academic year, how the Association has been doing financially, and what it will do in the future. AGM also ensures that all students have an opportunity to vote on policy matters within the Association.

AGM 2022

AUSA's 2022 AGM will be held on the 12th of May at 5:30 pm via Microsoft Teams. You can find the associated documents below.

AGM Documents


Meeting Instructions

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Small but very important print:

  • Please note only email address will be allowed access to the event.
  • Please note you will be put into a lobby before a member of staff will approve you into the meeting. This may take a couple of minutes so don’t panic if you are unable to join the meeting instantly.
  • We ask that you please keep your camera off when you are not speaking
  • The AGM Chat will only be enabled during the live Q&A sections
  • Please read the event rules which can be found below

If you are having any issues getting into the event, please try the following:

  • Often Teams meetings work best on a desktop/PC/laptop
  • Copy and paste link into your browser - 
  • If you don’t have the Teams app, select "watch on web instead”
  • If you have an account and Microsoft Teams app, select "Launch it now"
  • If you are still having issues, please email  and we will try our best to resolve the issue ASAP

AGM Event Conduct

AUSA is committed to ensuring that all of our events and processes are safe, accessible and welcoming to students, in which no forms of discrimination or offensive behaviour will be tolerated. During this event, we expect all students to always do the following:

  • To be aware of the connotations of their language. Many common expressions use discriminatory language or appeal to offensive stereotypes, and these should be avoided.
  • To not make assumptions about anyone else’s gender, preferred pronouns, sexual orientation, abilities, ethnic identity, survivor status or life experiences and to never be derogatory or dismissive about these things.
  • Be conscious and considerate to all students and staff involved in the event.


Thank you and Prize Draws

As a thank you for attending, any student who attends AGM will be able to claim one free regular coffee from Union Brew before the end of term.

You could also be in with a chance to win one of four £25 Aberdeen Gift Cards which are up for grabs. We will carry out a prize draw of everyone who attends, and four lucky winners will receive a gift card which can be spent in a range of Aberdeen city centre outlets. Winners will be announced in the week following AGM. 

If you’re planning to attend as a representative for a society, sports club, or student group, you could win a £100 contribution to your activities. We’ll be drawing one winner from all of the activities who send the two reps required, all you need to do is let us know who’s attending from your activity prior to the AGM and attend on the day. The winning activity will be announced in the week following AGM. 


Prize draws and info on how to claim will be issued the week commencing 16th May. 



Why should I come?

The AGM is an opportunity for students to learn about how AUSA operates, what the association has done in the past year, how the association is doing financially, ask questions from the Trustee Board and vote on motions. 

What happens when I arrive to the meeting?

Students are encouraged to arrive about 5 minutes before the meeting. The meeting is scheduled to start at 4pm. More information coming soon...

What is the Trustee Board?

In accordance with the constitution, AUSA is governed by a Board of Trustees. The board is responsible for the legal, financial and strategic management of the association and managing the affairs of the association in a professional manner. The Trustee Board meets five times a year and receives reports on AUSA’s work from the association’s staff and Officers. The board is made up of the five Sabbatical Officers, four student trustees, one University nominated trustee and three external trustees. Find more information on the Trustee Board page

What is the difference between a GM and an AGM?

As a registered charity, AUSA must hold an Annual General Meeting once a year per the constitution, where the association needs to present its annual accounts. Whereas an AGM has a precise function and takes place annually, general meetings (GM) can be held at any point and for various reasons. In 2018-2019 there were two general meetings and one has been held during 2019-2020. 

What is quorum?

Quorum is the least amount of attendees a meeting needs to legitimately make decisions (e.g. vote on motions). As stated in the AUSA Constitution, the quorum for AGM is 250. Quorum is checked at the start of the meeting and any student can request a quorum check at any point via point of order.
Please note: If quorum is lost before the end of business, the meeting ends and no further points can be discussed or voted on. All remaining items will be referred to the next Student Council meeting. If the quorum is not met within the first half an hour of the meeting, the meeting will be rescheduled for the following week, where the quorum will be 125. 

What will be discussed at the AGM?

By the Constitution, the AGM agenda includes the previous AGM minutes, the annual report and annual accounts of the association, the appointment of auditors, the list of AUSA’s affiliations and an opportunity for students to ask questions from the Trustee Board. Students can also submit motions to be debated and voted on following the completion of statutory business at the meeting.

Why are motions last on the agenda?

The AGM has a statutory business which must be completed as per the constitution. Following statutory business, there is the opportunity to debate and vote on motions.

Debates and voting procedures

To ask a question or speak on a motion, please raise your hand with your voting card. When it is your turn to speak, please wait until a microphone is brought to you. At the start of every speech, state your full name and if you represent a Sports Club, Committee, Student Group or a Society. This will help us take accurate minutes for the meeting. All voting is done by a show of hands.

Debates on motions will follow a set debate format:

1. The Chair asks the proposer of a motion to introduce the motion, which counts as the first speech in favour of the motion.
2. Students will be able to ask any clarifying questions.
3. The Chair will open the debate and ask for equal amounts of speeches for and against the motion. If equal amounts of for and against are not met, the meeting will move to a vote. For example, if two speeches for and against the motion have been given, after which only speeches against are presented but none in favour, the debate will end and move to a vote. 

What can I ask the Trustee Board?

Students can ask the Trustee Board questions on various topics, which include, but are not limited to, governance, AUSA democracy, activities, AUSA facilities, finance and overall duties of the Trustee Board.

Can I pre-submit questions for the Trustee Board?

Yes, you can pre-submit your question(s) to the Student Council Chair at The pre-submitted questions will be asked from the Trustee Board before opening the floor to other questions.

What is a procedural motion?

There are also procedural motions that students may call between speeches to move the business of the meeting as necessary. To propose a procedural motion, raise your hand and say ‘a point of order’. The current byelaw 3 outlines the possible procedural motions, e.g. moving the meeting straight to a vote and inviting a guest speaker to address a specific point of business. Procedural motions have priority over all other business, but another procedural motion cannot be considered if another is being discussed.

Procedural motions will follow a set format:

1. A student proposes a procedural motion, after which the Chair will immediately address the speaker.
2. The Chair will ask if the motion is seconded (indicated by a show of hands), and if yes, the proposer can hold a speech up to one minute.
3. A vote then takes place on the procedural motion.

Sports Clubs and Societies attendance

Each affiliated Sports Club and Society must send at least 2 representatives from their committee for the AGM.