Raising and Giving (RAG) Committee

The remit of the Raising and Giving (RAG) Committee is:

  • To promote and run charitable events with the aim to raise money for disbursement to local charities
  • To vote on charities to be supported by RAG via the ‘disbursement guidelines’
  • Support and encourage all charitable fundraising at AUSA
  • To organise RAG week and other events deemed appropriate by the committee throughout the year to engage students in RAG


The RAG Committee 2019-2020 is chaired by Laura Szabo, and includes the following members;

  • Vice-Chair: Alanna Buchan
  • Ordinary member: Davide Bonne
  • Ordinary member: Isla McPherson
  • Ordinary member: Charlotte Ines Colombo
  • Ordinary member: Elin Ida Relve Larsson
  • Ordinary member: Maha Abdelaall
  • Student Show representative: Becky Hossick
  • Bookends representative for RAG: Grace Bales