Raising and Giving (RAG) Committee

The remit of the Raising and Giving (RAG) Committee is:

  • To promote and run charitable events with the aim to raise money for disbursement to local charities
  • To vote on charities to be supported by RAG via the ‘disbursement guidelines’
  • Support and encourage all charitable fundraising at AUSA
  • To organise RAG week and other events deemed appropriate by the committee throughout the year to engage students in RAG


The RAG Committee 2018-2019 is chaired by Signe Thye, and includes the following members;

 Vice-Chair  Irene Salomia
 Ordinary Member  Harnam Mann
 Ordinary Member  Lea Rattei
 Ordinary Member  Isla McPherson
 Ordinary Member  Laura Szabo
 Ordinary Member  Max Holmberg
 Ordinary Member  Amelia Bonnet Witvoet
 Ordinary Member  James Beavis
 Ordinary Member  Zelia Bukhari
 Student Show Representative  Lauren Walker
 Bookends Representative  Elizabeth Grace Bales
 Highest Fundraising Group Representative  Deil Patel