Raising and Giving (RAG) Committee

The remit of the Raising and Giving (RAG) Committee is:

  • To support and encourage all Student-led charitable fundraising at theStudents’ Association.
  • The Vice-Chair shall be responsible for liaising with other interest groups, increasing cross-collaboration and engagement.
  • To organise two ‘RAG Weeks’ over the course of the academic year. 
  • To set up sub-committees tasked with organising, if decided by the committee to organise, events such as, but not limited to:
    • Torcher Parade
    • Fashion Show 
  • To recognise and award all student-let charitable fundraising at the Student's’ Association by hosting an annual Disbursement Ceremony.  
  • To promote and run charitable events with the aim to fundraise for local charities based in Aberdeen and/or Aberdeenshire and/or national charities with a local department based in Aberdeen and/or Aberdeenshire. 
  • To allow charities in Aberdeen and/or Aberdeenshire to apply for funding and the Committee votes on which charities to support based on projected fundraising
    • This should be carried out in line with the ‘RAG Criteria and Guidance Notes’ 
    • AUSA Staff is required to be present for this 
  • To make sure the profit of all charitable activities will be going to support the charitable causes decided upon and advertised. 
  • All budget-related decisions must be voted upon by the Committee with the relevant Sabbatical Officer and AUSA staff member present. 
  • To arrange monthly meetings with the finance staff at the Students’ Association to make sure RAG is achieving its yearly objectives.  
  • To work closely with AUSA staff.  
  • To arrange meetings with representatives for other student-led charitable campaigns at AUSA.  
  • To reach out for new partnerships amongst Student Groups, Societies, and Sports clubs.  
  • To make sure all new partnerships are formed by signing the ‘RAGPartnership Agreement’ prior to organising a fundraiser.


The RAG Committee 2019-2020 is chaired by Alanna Buchan, and includes the following members;

  • Vice-Chair: Vacant 
  • First Year Representative: Jasmina Sarejko
  • Foresterhill Representative: Vacant
  • BookEnds Representative: TBC
  • Ordinary member (x4): Michelle Wan Yi Chong, Catalina Luiza Bocai

In-Attendance Membership:

  • Vice-President for Communities: Radeen Moncrieffe 
  • Qatar Campus Representative
  • AUSA Representative (Staff) 
  • Any student or organisation in partnership with RAG may be in attendance at meetings but may be requested to leave at the discretion of the RAG Committee for situations such as, but not limited to, voting and decision making.

Committee Minutes