Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for:

  • Student representation, campaigning and democracy.
  • The implementation of AUSA policy.
  • The relationship with the University, NUS, the local community and other external organisations.
  • Approving and reviewing the implementation of Officer individual and team objectives, prior to consideration of Council.
  • Coordinating the work of the Officer team and Officer communication with members.
  • Agreeing the attendance of Officers at external events and conferences.

The chairing of the committee is carried out in a rotational basis where each Sabbatical Officer and Voluntary Officer take it in turns to chair the meetings.

Meetings are held fortnightly as standard, however additional meetings may be required at busy times during term.

The membership of the Executive Committee consists of:

The Sabbatical Officers:

  • Student President 
  • Communities Officer 
  • Education Officer 
  • Sports Officer 
  • Welfare Officer 

The Part-Time Officers:

  • LGBTQ+ Students' Forum Rep 
  • Black and Minority Ethnic Students' Forum Rep 
  • Disabled Students’ Forum Rep 
  • Women’s Forum Rep 
  • International Students’ Forum Rep 
  • Mature Students’ Forum Rep 
  • Postgrad Students’ Forum Rep 
  • Trans Students' Forum Rep
  • Foresterhill Chair 
  • Societies Union Chair
  • RAG chair