National Union of Students

Should AUSA continue to be affiliated to the National Union of Students?



NUS UK is a confederation of local student representative organisations in colleges and universities throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland which have chosen to affiliate and which pay a membership fee.

The core values are:

  • Equality
    NUS believes there should be equality of opportunity for everyone to participate fully in a society that celebrates diversity.
  • Democracy
    NUS's policies and priorities must be student-led and students’ union-focused through building open, transparent and accessible democratic structures.
  • Collectivism
    Students and students’ unions are more effective when they organise together locally, nationally and internationally: unity is NUS's strength


NUS Scotland

Students’ national voice

NUS Scotland is the national union of college and university students’ associations. Through their member students’ associations they represent around 500,000 students in Scotland.

They campaign on the issues students care about, from student support and quality courses, to better housing and a fairer society.

In the past three years, they have:

  • Secured £21 million per year in additional student support, including bursaries for the poorest students.
  • Successfully campaigned for better mental health support, resulting in £20 million of investment over the next four years for new counsellors in Scotland’s colleges and universities.
  • Supported 5 students’ associations to abolish graduation fees for their students.


Student-led campaigns

Every year, they bring together a conference of student representatives to decide which campaigns and policy work NUS Scotland should take forward. The conference also elects a President to lead this work.


The year ahead

This year they’re giving students more direct control of their campaigning work. They’ve been helping students come together on issues they care about and work together to make a change, supported by NUS Scotland. A range of groups have been set up across a range of issues, including:

  • Student renters.
  • The future of cost-of-living support for students.
  • Better mental health support.
  • Tackling climate change and sustainability.
  • Better support for disabled students.

If any of these issues are of interest to you, you can get in touch with NUS Scotland about joining the Action Group!

Other areas of work for NUS Scotland this year include campaigning for fully funded colleges and universities to ensure students get the education they deserve; work with NUS Scotland members to encourage students to join trade unions and get their rights at work; and continuing to support students’ associations to abolish graduation fees for their students.


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