National Union of Students


NUS UK is a confederation of local student representative organisations in colleges and universities throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland which have chosen to affiliate and which pay a membership fee.

The core values are:

  • Equality
    NUS believes there should be equality of opportunity for everyone to participate fully in a society that celebrates diversity.
  • Democracy
    NUS's policies and priorities must be student-led and students’ union-focused through building open, transparent, and accessible democratic structures.
  • Collectivism
    Students and students’ unions are more effective when they organise together locally, nationally, and internationally: unity is NUS's strength


NUS Scotland

Students’ national voice

NUS Scotland is the national union of college and university students’ associations. Through their member students’ associations, they represent around 500,000 students in Scotland.

They campaign on the issues students care about, from student support and quality courses to better housing and a fairer society.

In the last year they have won:

  • Almost £100 million in hardship support – now available to international students too
  • The right for students to serve notice on their student accommodation contracts early – allowing thousands of students to leave their lease if they so choose
  • £750,000 in support for students and students’ associations
  • New investment – worth millions – to improve mental health support at colleges and universities
  • A review of summer support and student accommodation for students


Student-led campaigns

Every year, they bring together a conference of student representatives to decide which campaigns and policy work NUS Scotland should take forward. The conference also elects a President to lead this work every two years.


NUS' work in the year ahead

Covid-19- Students are facing untold disruption to their studies, work, and lives, because of the pandemic. NUS Scotland will continue to campaign to ensure students are supported to succeed in their studies and beyond.

Student support - Proper financial support for students is at the heart of everything NUS Scotland stands for.  NUS Scotland continues to make the case for improved bursary support for all students that keeps up with the cost of living and is available twelve months of the year.

Housing - As well as campaigning for students to receive enough funding, NUS Scotland also want to tackle the spiralling costs students face. NUS Scotland works with partners, like Living Rent, to ensure that all students know their new rights as tenants, to end exploitation by landlords. NUS Scotland also secured a comprehensive review of the student accommodation sector by the Scottish Government, with a view to ensuring that it provides affordability, accessibility, and caters for the wellbeing of Scotland’s students.

Widening Access - NUS Scotland believes that a student’s access to university and college should be based on their talent and not just their ability to pay. Over the past few years, they've made progress to ensure that students from disadvantaged backgrounds are able to access college and university, but this progress is being made far too slowly, and we see the same institutions doing the bulk of the work year after year. NUS Scotland will continue to campaign to ensure that Scotland’s entire education system is truly open and accessible to all.

Liberation campaigns - NUS Scotland campaign on Liberation issues, alongside students who face oppression: campaigning for a fair system of gender recognition for trans people, tackling the Black Attainment gap, successfully lobbying for free sanitary products and investment to combat gender-based violence, and more.

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