NUS UK is a confederation of local student representative organisations in colleges and universities throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland which have chosen to affiliate and which pay a membership fee.

The core values are:

  • Equality
    NUS believes there should be equality of opportunity for everyone to participate fully in a society that celebrates diversity.
  • Democracy
    NUS's policies and priorities must be student-led and students’ union-focused through building open, transparent and accessible democratic structures.
  • Collectivism
    Students and students’ unions are more effective when they organise together locally, nationally and internationally: unity is NUS's strength


NUS Scotland

AUSA is also a member of NUS Scotland. NUS Scotland is a federation of local student organisations in Scotland, comprising over 60 local campus organisations affiliated to NUS UK.  

The students’ associations in membership of NUS Scotland account for 85 per cent of students in higher education and more than 90 per cent of students in further education in Scotland.

To help support its students, NUS Scotland has some useful information and advice on:

  • Campaigns
  • Finance
  • Students' Unions
  • News and Events


Recognised by the Scottish Parliament

NUS Scotland is recognised by the Scottish parliament as the key voice of students in Scotland. NUS Scotland work in collaboration with both local and national government, trade union, pressure and voluntary organisations and have a track record of winning for students. They also maintain a high profile in the Scottish media.


The Structure of NUS Scotland

NUS Scotland is an autonomous, but integral part of the National Union of Students (NUS). They are a key stakeholder in the development of public policy and aim to develop and support the experience of students attending universities and colleges in Scotland.

NUS Scotland runs four liberation campaigns
We recognise that the student population is diverse and ever-changing. To ensure all our members are included in the student movement, NUS Scotland has four liberation campaigns:

  • Women’s Campaign 
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) Campaign, 
  • Disabled Students Campaign  
  • Black Students Campaign 

Each of these campaigns is led by an elected officer. They are autonomous but integral parts of the organisation which act as a foundation for our equalities campaigning.


NUS Scotlands' staff team

In addition to the Scottish Executive Committee, NUS Scotland has ten members of staff who support the work of the organisation. 
NUS Scotland's budget is set at NUS UK's Annual Conference, however, the SEC (Scottish Executive Committee) controls expenditure and finances and staff are managed by the NUS Scotland Director.


Sabbatical Officers of NUS Scotland

President: Liam McCabe
Vice President (Education): Gemma Jones
Women’s officer: Shuwanna Aaron 

National Union of Students Scotland
1 Papermill Wynd
phone: 0131 556 6598