NUS Conference

NUS is the National Union of Students of which over 600 students’ unions across the UK are affiliated members. As a member of NUS, each year AUSA sends its members (students of University of Aberdeen) to represent the views of 14,000 Aberdeen students at the NUS Conference for Scotland and the UK.

The Conference brings together students from all member institutions to discuss and decide national policy and vote on next year's leaders. 

For more information, visit the conference websites:

NUS Conference Scotland

NUS Conference UK

Each year AUSA organises an election of delegates and supports their participation. There will be 3 positions available for NUS UK Conference and 6 for NUS Scotland Conference. 


How do I become an NUS delegate?

  • Nominate yourself as an NUS delegate
  • Campaign to become elected
  • Attend conference and represent the voice of Aberdeen University

Check Elections section on this website to find out more or email to


What happens at NUS Conference?

The NUS Conference  discuss and sets policy for the year ahead in  5 topics related to students’ experiences at colleges and universities;

  • Further Education policy
  • Higher Education policy
  • Society and Citizenship policy
  • Welfare policy
  • Union Development policy

This provides an opportunity for delegates to shape national policy. The delegates at the conference will be voting to elect the President, Vice Presidents, Block of 15 representatives on the National Executive Council and the members of the NUS UK Board and Democratic Procedures Committee.

NUS ‘Fair Representation on NUS Conference' Policy

‘Fair Representation on NUS Conference delegations’ is a policy that was passed at National Conference 2014, changing NUS’ rules on the make-up of delegations to National Conference. The motion means at least 50% (rounded down) of AUSA delegates attending the conference must be female. Since our current president is a female, AUSA must elect one female to be elected for the UK conference and 4 female for Scotland. For more information click here.

What about travel and accommodation?

Don't worry about this - travel and accommodation if required is covered by AUSA .