Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate students

We are committed to support the University’s postgraduate community. In addition to being welcomed to participate all AUSA societies, sport clubs and volunteering activities, postgraduate students have dedicated representative positions within AUSA and their Schools.


Postgraduate Students’ Forum

Postgraduate Forum is one of eight Liberation and Section Forums. Postgraduate Students’ Forum promote the views and interests of its members and organises activities for them. The Postgraduate Students’ Forum Convener sits on AUSA Executive Committee and Student Council, actively participating in AUSA decision making to ensure that postgraduate students’ voice is heard.

The Forum’s activities are led by a Forum Executive Committee that consists of a Convener, Secretary, Treasurer and Inclusion Officer in addition to any other positions agreed by the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Student President and a staff member at AUSA provide further support for the Committee.

All the Forum’s Committee positions are still available for the academic year 2017/2018. If you are interested in any of them, please contact our staff team (


Class Reps

Taught postgraduate (PGT) students all have a Class Rep who is a volunteer that liaises regularly with staff, fostering and maintaining open dialogue to improve students’ learning experience.

The Class Reps are expected to introduce themselves to students and staff, gather student feedback prior to meeting with staff, work together with staff on finding solutions to any arising issues and reporting all outcomes back to their classmates.

Class Reps are elected at the beginning of each taught degree programme in September or January. You can find out more about the role of the Class Rep here. Please contact your Programme Coordinator or School Office for further information about the election process.

Research postgraduate students sometimes have a Rep whose role is similar to that of a PGT Class Rep. To find out if this role is a part of your School’s representation structure, please contact your School.


College Postgraduate Representatives

There are three postgraduate representatives – College of Art and Social Science Postgraduate Representative, College of Life Sciences and Medicine Postgraduate Representative and College of Physical Sciences Postgraduate Representative – who work to ensure that postgraduate students’ voice is heard within their Schools and Colleges.

The College Postgraduate Representatives are part of Education Committee, attend Student Council and work together with Schools within their College to improve postgraduate students’ learning experience. This role is similar to that of a School Rep (also known as a School Convener) which is held by an undergraduate student.

All three positions are still available for the academic year 2017/2018. If you are interested in these positions, please contact our staff team (