Each year we host the Kings Ball where we celebrate the achievements of both Societies and individuals who have contributed to ensuring the students of Aberdeen have the most fun and rewarding experience whilst studying here.

Society Awards:

Society of the Year - This award is given for excellence in every aspect of a society's activity throughout the year. The following criteria are taken into consideration: active members, significant levels of engagement in events/projects, presence across the campus, contribution to enriching student experience, inter-society activity and collaboration, charity involvement in, e.g. RAG campaign, etc.

Best Event - This award celebrates an outstanding event put on by one society or by several collaborating societies

Big Heart Award - This award is for the society that has exceeded their society's aims and objectives and gone above and beyond for others. It's not all about giving and/or raising money - it's about spreading good will to less fortunate - time and resources go a long way in helping any organisation.

Most Dedicated Society - This award celebrates the enthusiasm and outstanding commitment to enhancing student experience. Whether by starting new projects, diversifying its activities beyond its core objectives, working in partnership with other societies and student groups or improving its overall performance, this society and its committee has pushed the boundaries and delivered more than ever before.

Team of the Year - Teamwork and support is pivotal to the success of a student group. Above all, this award recognises communication, collaboration and a collective determination to deliver. This student team (e.g. student media) is open and inviting to new members as well as constantly looking to improve and coming up with new projects and ideas. Nominations are NOT open to AUSA affiliated societies.

Student Leader of the Year - The Student Leader of the Year Award is given to a student who has shown exceptional efforts and dedication to running a society/group and has gone above and beyond to make sure the society/group committee is innovative, committed and welcoming to old and new members. This student has exceeded in their role not only dedicating a huge amount of hours to leading the society/group but has shown a high level of commitment, creativity and confidence in this role and an ability to inspire.

These awards are open to all affiliated societies - with the exception of Team of the Year which is only open to affiliated AUSA Student Groups.

Applications are now closed.

Kings Awards:

The Kings Awards celebrate those individuals that have gone above and beyond in their roles. There are two categories - Merit and Distinction. These awards are open to all involved in affiliated societies and AUSA Student Groups. You need to have been involved for 2 years to be eligible and unfortunately you cannot receive the same award more than once.

Students can be nominated for one or both of the awards, however, they must meet all of the criteria (detailed below) in order to be considered. If nominated for both awards and meet all criteria, only the King's Award with distinction will be awarded on the night. It is up to the nominee to provide examples of how the student meets the criteria.

King’s Award with Merit:

1. The student has been continuously involved in a student activity for at least two years. A student activity is a society or group affiliated to Aberdeen University Students’ Association. Involvement within this activity does not have to be within the same role over the two years.

2. The student has done more work than simply fulfilling their role description and goes above and beyond by showing extreme dedication. This can be shown by taking on extra tasks outwith their designated role and/or assisting other positions within the committee whilst fulfilling their own tasks. Non-committee members are eligible to be recognised, if they have shown dedication and commitment to the student activity without having the recognition of a committee role.

3. The student has assisted the University community and/or the Students’ Association through their service for the activity they are involved in, which may include the dedication of personal time, resources and society/group resources. This can be attending and/or helping with resources for open days and AUSA led events and local community projects.


King’s Award with Distinction:

1. The student has been involved in at least one activity throughout their time at the University. 

2. The student has developed their own skill set, including leadership, organisational and communication skills, while also helping others develop their own skills. For example, signing up to STAR award, Leadership Academy and AUSA-led training sessions. Supporting and guiding other committee members within their roles.

3. The student has ensured the continuous running and improvement of the activity, by innovating existing concepts and implementing new ones. Building and improving on the existing development plans and creating new and innovative events and goals for their activity.

4. The student has shown dedication to supporting a single individual or individuals. This support has had a positive impact on the person’s life, which may include their welfare and wellbeing. Mentoring another committee member to take a more active role/responsibility within a committee, supporting an individual through a personal crisis.  

Applications are now closed.