AUSA makes funds available to student groups yearly.  These funds are intended to help societies create the best experience possible for students as well and support core functions.  These are granted on a case by case basis and need is based on the criteria for each grant.  As AUSA is a registered charity and is made up of elected students, it must always try to ensure that it’s funding is being used as effectively as possible.

Below is a list of available grants to AUSA Societies, a summary of each one and the deadlines around them.  If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with


The Societies Union Grant:

This is a grant that is made available annually to AUSA affiliated societies and is for the core function of societies.  If all the funds are not awarded in the first instance, societies that were not successful will have the opportunity to apply again.  Maximum amounts and total given varies every year based on the amount of Societies Union memberships.  More information and guidelines are available on the form.  The panel for decision making for this is members of the societies union, Sabbatical officers and AUSA Staff.

Timeline: Applications for the 2nd round are now open and the closing date for applications is 9am Friday 6th March 2020.



Student Experience Fund:

The Student Experience Fund (SEF) is a grant that was created by the University of Aberdeen’s Development Trust.  This money is donated by Alumni for the purpose of enhancing the student experience for students through Sport and Societies.  This grant is not intended to help with day to day functions but to help create opportunities that would be available otherwise.  This could be anything from making a conference affordable to your membership or bringing speakers to campus.  It’s all about effecting the most students possible with the funds and creating a positive impact within the student community.  The decision making panel is made up of elected students, AUSA staff and staff from the Development Trust.

Timeline: Applications are now closed and will re-open in the 1st semester 2020-21.