We are a University of Aberdeen student-led group affiliated with the Global Minorities Alliance www.globalminorities.co.uk a UK based human rights charity which fights for the rights of the persecuted communities around the world. Our ethos lies in justice, peace and equality for everyone regardless of any race, religion or any particular background.

As a student body we organise, events, seminars, and raise awanress on campus through GMA's campaings and liasing with lik-minded socities to further promote culture of tolerance, harmony and understanding from people of all faith and no-faith among student community. 

We provide hands-on experience to all students of Aberdeen university, we are committed to enhance, hone and provide the excellent experience for anyone interested in a careers related to i.e advocacy, human rights and global development. 

Please visit our student Facebook page here for more information and joining the our society.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1423132954650970/

Drop us an email or speak to the member of our society. We look forward to hear from you 

Thank you! 



Global Minorities Alliance Aberdeen