Have you ever wanted to learn Charleston and dance like in the Roaring Twenties? Are you intrigued by the awesomeness of Lindy Hop? Or are you more the Blues dancing type? With us you can try out all of those and become part of the UK swing-dancing scene with workshops in and around Aberdeen. No dance experience or partner needed. Find us on Facebook at 'Swing Dancing in Aberdeen' for events, classes and socials. We will be with you every triple-step of the way, so come and give it a swing!

Regular Classes: 

Mondays (MacRobert614): 

7-8 swing beginners, 8-8:30 social,

 8:30-9:30 beginners blues, 9:30-10 social

Wednesdays (MR614): 

8-9 intermediate swing, 

9-10 social/open practice

Times and rooms might be changed! Please follow our Facebook page for updates! https://m.facebook.com/AberdeenSwingDance/


Semester Membership:         £25/£40 Student/Non-student (gives you access to as many classes as you want)

Annual Membership:             £40/£70 Student/Non-student (gives you access to as many classes as you want)

Pay-as-you-go Membership:    £5 Students & Non-Students   +  £2/Class