Support for Self-Isolation


AUSA is here to support you as we welcome students back to campus ahead of the new term. For many of you, that will involve a period of self-isolation in your student accommodation in line with current government guidance and we know that can be a strange time, so we’ve put together some resources to help make this period a little easier.

If you, or anyone you know, is struggling through self-isolation, AUSA Advice can be contacted via email and through teams appointments. You can find out about the services AUSA Advice provides here


Quarantine Packs


Do you have to self-isolate when you arrive at your university accommodation? Alisa, your Student President, has put together a Quarantine Pack, to make this period a little bit easier. 

Welcome from the Student President 

You can read Alisa's welcome letter to students here.

Staying in University Accommodation?

If you're staying in University accommodation, you will find this in your room when you arrive. 

Staying in another PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation)?

If you're staying in private halls accommodation, you can sign up to get your Quarantine Pack via this form. T&Cs apply.


Boredom Busters


During this time it is really important to stimulate your mind so why not check out some of the following fun things to do and access from the comfort of your home to keep your mind occupied.

Favourite Lockdown and Quarantine Activities from the Sabbatical Officers:

I stumbled upon this channel by chance, and I spent way too much time watching it. Enjoy Billi the cat. Bunny the dog is also pretty good. I always appreciate cute animal videos so feel free to send them to me and I will always send some animal videos in return


I thought about looking for very cool things online, but then I decided to just write down things I actually did during lockdown:

  1. Build a marble run. Using toilet paper tubes, plastic bottles, cereal boxes, and anything in your flat create tunnels, toboggans, and anything you can think of to add some seconds to the route of a marble (or any spheric object) fuelled by gravity. Find simple and easy examples online for inspiration, as well as crazy long marble runs made by people with probably too much free time on their hands. This kept me entertained for almost 4 hours and I didn’t spend a penny.
  2. Draw a family tree. This may not be for everyone, but it helped me kill some time and also encourage me to message and call family. It’s a good way to check on your relatives, stay connected and a source of weird/funny/embarrassing stories.
  3. Do some reading, not on your phone/tablet/laptop but actual paper books, if possible. It’s especially good on insomnia nights. It doesn’t need to be anything too academic or intellectual. In my case, I read some comics which meant I reduced my screen time before sleeping and it didn’t feel like homework.
  4. Deep cleaning. I know this one is not for everyone, but it was often very satisfying, relaxing, and rewarding at the end. Don’t pick something obvious like dishes or clothes. Find something you’d normally not have the time to clean, put some great music on and kill some time.


I like watching some docuseries, for example unsolved mysteries, how to fix a drug scandal or this is robbery. It's really intriguing to see what sometimes happens in the world.

Other than that, I do enjoy listening to music although mostly just as a background. The new Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato albums are really good so you should check them out.


Six weeks of quarantine when I had Covid myself got me back into crafting. I enjoy crafting cards and letters to send to friends. It's such a special way of sending each other some love and sunshine, and I promise, everyone will be happy to find some real mail in their postbox! 


Naturally, as VP for Sports, I enjoyed doing quick home workouts during self-isolation. You do not need any equipment for them and can adjust them to your liking.

You can see 6 quick home workouts from Adam here.


In addition to the recommendations from the Sabbatical Officers, you can find a range of topics and links below:

Wildlife Live Cams

Have a look at our favourite accounts that feature wildlife. Do you want to watch some wild animals live? You can! 

Virtual tours

  • Virtual Tours  - Virtual online tours - including zoos, landmarks in foreign countries, etc.
  • Aquarium – Georgia aquarium allowing you to tour under the sea

Geography and nature

  • Tutorful - Top Geography websites, YouTube videos, and resources 
  • Project Noah – Global site where you can view and share wildlife

Arts and culture

  • Walter's Museum - houses the highest artistic achievements from nearly every corner of the world. View some of the past, present, and future exhibitions
  • Teaching history - 100 objects from museums across the UK with resources, information and teaching ideas to inspire your students’ interest in history

 Literature online

  • Gutenburg - Download free books, e.g. Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe, Frankenstein, etc. 
  • Solomon Kingsnorth - Books in PDF, Word and audiobook format - Alice in Wonderland / Wind in the Willows / The Railway Children / The Jungle Book / Peter Pan / Black Beauty

Miscellaneous & entertainment

  • Expeditions App- Free virtual Reality Augmentation app for all ages, to take virtual trips around the world to hundreds of destinations.
  • Jamie Oliver - helps the nation with easy recipes, cooking tips, and ingenious hacks whilst many of us are staying at home.
  • DIY and crafts - 25 foods you can re-grow at home from food scraps 
  • UK parliament  - Politics, history, citizenship, etc. Written for children and young people, but lots of very interesting information, including how laws are made. 
  • National Trust sites  - Free access to their sites - please check their website first for updates
  • Latest free stuff - UK site (if you are outside of the UK, google 'latest free stuff' and add your location)
  • Roll20 - Build your own game - or play games with others online