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Autumn Student Council Elections

These are the Standing Committee elections for the positions which are contested. Not all positions are contested. In the situation where there were the correct number of positions for the number of applicants then, as per the constitution, they were duly elected.

The polls have closed.

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Sports Union Committee 2015 -2016

We have 58 clubs here, and they all need lots of support and encouragement as well as opportunities to showcase what they have to offer. Our Sports Union committee members are there to take a lead on supporting our different types of clubs; make affiliation decisions; and ensure that clubs are given a platform to share their brilliance with Aberdeen and the world. They also help our clubs secure sponsorship to pay for expensive sports kit, so that students from all backgrounds can afford to play.

10 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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Nominations to fill the remaining Student Council positions and for Programme and Class Reps will open on Monday 7th September.

Interested and want to know more about the opportunites we have, watch the videos below: 

First Year Opportunities 

Academic Rep Opportunities