AUSA Skillshub Training

AUSA Skillshub training is for all student activity committee members and is available to start now!

Not only does this resource provide Student Activity Committee members with all the information they need before the start of term, but it will also be available to you throughout the year if they ever need help.

To complete the training, you first have to register with your university email addresses, and then they will be able to complete the relevant modules for their role.  The link will appear once you have logged into the AUSA site below.

Most roles will have specific training that you must complete, if your role is not listed then you will have to complete the AUSA 101 module.  Feel free to do more after this if you think it would be beneficial.

Please note, this year we have now added modules for Wellbeing Officers, COVID Officers, and sports club coaches.

All committees will need to complete this training before the start of term, this is additionally an important part of the enhanced transcript pathway. Without completing the AUSA Skillshub modules, you won’t be able to complete the Enhanced Transcript programme, and your role will not be recognised on your Enhanced Transcript for this year.

How do I pass the relevant modules?

  • Each committee member will have to read the necessary information within each area of their relevant modules.
  • Once the information has been read the committee member will then have to score at least 80% on the test which comes after (usually only 3 or 4 questions). It’s essential that you read the material beforehand to ensure you pass.
  • You can retake the test if you fail, but please note, this can sometimes take a while to reload again.  It’s best to read the material and pass the first time.

If you have any questions or problems with the AUSA Skillshub, please email Furthermore, if there is any training that isn’t detailed, but you feel may be useful, please let us know!  We are always looking to expand and offer more to our students.

Good luck and hopefully you find all the resources useful!

Please click here to be rerouted to the AUSA Skills hub to register, if you haven’t before, with your university email address. 


Society and Club forms

Please find below the forms you will need thorougout the year in order to run your society/club, hold events, book transport, plan trips away etc.


Development Plan

Model Constitution

Constitution Guidelines

Sport and Society Trip Form 

Budget Sheet 

Payment Request Form 

Union Brew Booking Form 

Risk Assessment 

Gant Chart

Swot Analysis Template