Is there something you would like to change on campus, in Aberdeen, nationally or internationally?

You can start a campaign, bring fellow students together and bring the change you want to see. At AUSA, we want to support and empower students to campaign on issues that matter to them. On this page, you will be able to find some guidance on how to start a campaign, which resources you can access at AUSA, current and past campaigns and how to get involved and other campaigning groups on campus, in Aberdeen and further afield.

If you have any questions which aren’t answered on here, please contact Camilo, your VP for Communities at

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a way of enacting change. Campaigning is about mobilising people and power to achieve change. While campaign strategies involve actions and events to raise awareness and highlight the issue at hand, it is not only that. A campaign’s objective is change a policy, law, practice or/and behaviours. History has been made through campaigns.

Think about the suffragette movements in the UK which lead to political reform enabling women to vote, or the LGBTQ+ activists who campaigned and still are campaigning for equal rights.

What can AUSA Campaign on? There are a few rules on what Students Union can campaign on. If you want to make sure your campaign can be practically supported by AUSA, feel free to have a look at this document.            

According to the National Union of Students (NUS) guidelines:
- students’ unions shouldn’t use their resources to campaign on an issue that does not affect “students as students”.
- students’ unions should maintain neutrality when it comes to political parties.
- students unions should not give money to other organisations to do things that they are not allowed to do themselves.

Join a current campaign

AUSAs campaigns
- #EnoughIsEnough 
- Right Your Rent
- Stand with Ukraine
- Student Mental Health Agreement  

Start a brand new campaign.

Want to start a brand new campaign? Send an email to:
Tell us more about the issue you want to address, the aims and objectives of your campaign and your contact details. We are here to support you.

Other ways to get involved

We have many societies and groups which campaign regularly on issues locally, nationally and internationally.
- Amnesty Aberdeen Society, they campaign on issues regarding human rights internationally.
- Campaign for Nuclear-Disarmament, they campaign for the full-ban of nuclear weapons with the British Government
- Feminist Society, they campaign for women’s rights, intersectionality and much more
- Political societies, they often participate in national campaigns.
- Our liberation groups (BME, Disabled Students, LGBTQ+), Section Forums (Post-Graduate) run campaigns for specific groups of students. For more info on how to join these groups, click here:
- Committees (Communities, Education, Environment and Ethics) raises issues to Student Council, implement ideas proposed by students and some represent student’s issues to the University through Senate and Court.
For more information on how to join these groups, click here:
Submit a motion to Student Council.
Submit a policy to AGM.
Contact your class reps for issues specific to your course.


NUS UK and Scotland Campaigns: +
People and Planet Ressources Library:
Protests and marches:
Local government, list of local Councillors in Aberdeen:
University Policies:
University Committees Structure: It is helpful to understand the University’s formal committee structure as it will allow you to understand how and when decisions are made. Most committees are attended by student representatives. Don’t hesitate to ask them questions.
AUSA Policies:
Petition sites: +
Short guides to run effective campaign + campaign and awareness:

Campaign Archives

- Liberate the Curriculum
- Students Workers
- Free Education
- Resits
- Cut the Rent
- Students against Sexual Assault
- AberGreen
- Students Support The Strike
- Give It A Shot
- Refund The Rent
- Post Study Work Visa
- No Detriment Policy #SaveOurDegrees
- Aberdeen Fossil Free