Sports and Facilities


Supported by the Students' Union Sports Team, students can participate in a vast array of sports and physical activities.

Within our Societies, sports clubs and student groups, we cover a large array of sports and  physical activities. We have everything from Archery to Ultimate Frisbee, Dance to Yoga,  along with Football and Rugby, to name a few. Please see Clubs, Societies, and Groups ( for our list of all affiliated societies, sports clubs and student groups.

Some of our clubs also participate in local league and knockouts, including Scottish Junior Football, Scottish Hockey and Scottish Rugby.

If you dont want to participate in any leagues or knockout competitions, a lot of our clubs offer the opportunities to train and play sports socially.


League and Knockout Sport

If  the sports club you are interested in is eligible, you could compete in BUCS (British Universities & Colleges Sport) or SSS (Scottish Student Sport) Leagues, Knockout competitions or Events other university teams from across the country.

The BUCS and SSS leagues ("fixtures") run from October through till March, fixture days are mostly Wednesday’s, Saturdays and Sundays.  "Sports leagues" are where sports teams come together to compete against other teams in their chosen sport. Most sports leagues have a classification system or a pyramid hierarchy. There are often several divisions under one league. The top divisions have better teams competing in them. With divisions within the leagues, there is often a system of promotion and relegation within them. This is where teams move between the different divisions according to their success or lack of success in the current season.

BUCS and SSS  knockout programmes run alongside the league campaigns.  "Knockout Competition" is a type of elimination tournament where the loser in each match-up is immediately eliminated from the competition. The winners at each stage will play in the next round, until the final match-up. The winner of the final match-up becomes the tournament champion. 

Please see BUCS and SSS ( for more information.


Intramural Sport

We also host intramural sport. ‘Intramural’ means ‘inside the university’. This is open to students who do not want to participate in any formal league or knockout sport, and want to play sport for fun or fitness.


Facilities for Sports and physical activities

We are able to provide a variety of facilities for our Sports Clubs, Societies and Groups, whilst participating in any physical activity, whether this is training or a fixture. Please see Facilities for Activities ( for more information.


Sports Bursaries & Scholarships

The University of Aberdeen supports a wide variety of sports bursary and scholarships schemes. These schemes are available to support elite student athletes seeking to combine academic and sporting excellence during their time at university.

Please see Sports Bursaries & Scholarships | Study Here | The University of Aberdeen ( for more information.


If you have any queries relating to the below, please do not hesitate to contact the Students' Union Sports Team.

Email : - Tel: 01224 438975 - Office : Students’ Union Sports Office | ASV | Linksfield Rd | Aberdeen, AB24 5RU