Food and Drink at Events


All food supplied at any event at the University’s corporate venues must be provided by The University’s Campus Services team and cannot be brought in from any outside source. Following negotiation by AUSA, Campus Services will honour a minimum of a 20% discount on food for any AUSA affiliated student activity.  Prices are available here on the University’s website.

Alcoholic drinks

As the licence holder, the University’s Campus Services team has a duty of care to manage the consumption of alcohol in the corporate venues.  Should you decide that you would like drinks at your event, there will be 3 different ways to approach this.

1.     Order from the Campus Services.  Their price list can be found here.

2.     Bring in your own – but there will be corkage fees.  These are listed below:

a.     £5.00 per 70cl bottle of wine/sparkling wine

b.     £7.00 per litre bottle of wine/sparkling wine

c.      £10.00 per bottle larger than 1 litre of wine/sparkling wine

d.     £1.00 per bottle (up to 330ml) of beer, cider or ‘alcopop’/packaged drink

e.     £2.00 331ml-500ml, £3.00 501ml-1000ml of beer, cider or ‘alcopop’/packaged drink)

f.       Spirits are not permitted to be brought on to premises.

3.     ‘Appreciation events’ - These are events such as a wine or gin tasting where sample measures are being consumed for the purpose of an experience or event.   No corkage will be charged for these events.


If there is anything that you are unsure of or you are looking to provide anything that is not currently listed, please contact campus services and they will be able to help.