Student Council

An Introduction to Student Council 


The Student Council is the main representative body of the Students’ Union. It is made up of Student Councillors who represent students from across the University. It is primarily responsible for serving as a discussion and debate forum for students to discuss relevant issues and propose policy proposals to the Students' Union. Motions passed at the Student Council direct the SU's work and Student Councillors play a key role in holding our five Elected Student Officers into account.

The Student Council discusses issues and concerns of the student community locally and nationally, voting on all decisions. The Council sets the policy direction of the Students’ Union. It also provides an opportunity for students to share information about their course, school, student group, or forums with fellow students. The Student Council is also an excellent way for students to develop their skills such as confidence, communication, interpersonal, and public speaking skills.

If you would like further information or have any questions about the Student Council, you can get in touch via


Student Council Meetings


The Student Council has agreed to meet on the following dates: 


Meeting Date  Motion Deadline
14th December  30th November
30th January  16th January
27th February  13th February 
26th March 12th March
23rd April  9th April
14th May 30th April


Meetings are held in KCG7 and are open to all students to observe.

For further information, please contact The papers and minutes of previous meetings can be found below.


Student Council Reading Materials


Student Council reading materials are papers that are presented to Student Councillors ahead of each meeting. These include the agenda for the meeting, the minutes of the previous meeting, Sabbatical Officer Work Reports, motions, and any other information on the topics being discussed at each meeting. You can download the papers for each meeting below and if you have any questions about them, you can email


Chair of Student Council


The elected Chair of the Student Council regulates the discussion and makes sure that everyone gets a fair chance to speak and is being respected. The Chair and Vice-Chair also compile the Agenda and the reading documents before each Council meeting. The Chair of the Student Council is Nirvan Abedi and the Vice-Chair is Mathla Al Salmi.


Membership of Council 


Student Council is comprised of the five Elected Student Officers, the Chairs (where this role is not performed by an Elected Student Officer) and Vice-Chairs of each standing committee, the School Conveners, and three Postgraduate Representatives. In addition, there are two representatives from each liberation or section forum and one representative from each formally recognised Student Group. The current Elected members of the Student Council are listed below. Details of our Student Groups can be found here (select filter 'Student Group'. Details of our Liberation and Section Forums can be found here

Name  Position 
Nirvan Abedi Chair of Council 
Mathla Al Salmi Vice-Chair of Student Council
Elena Bolotina Vice-Chair Sport
Vadym Kapliuk Vice-Chair Societies
Christina Schmid Vice-Chair Communities
Harmony Wopara Vice-Chair Environment & Ethics
Kaitlin Agius Vice-Chair Welfare
Tomas Pizarro-Escuti Vice-Chair Raising and Giving
Akhil Anchamparathy Qatar Chair
Sadia Naveed Vice-Chair Qatar
Adam Lambert Foresterhill Chair
Robert Thomas Foresterhill Vice-Chair
Miles Rothoerl Vice-Chair Undergraduate Education
Fred Byrne School of Divinity, History, Philosophy & Art History Convener
Finn Abou El Magd School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture Convener
Khalifa Muhammad School of Law Convener
Shane Painter School of Social Science Convener
Ankita Sinha School of Business Convener
Niels Imrie School of Biological Sciences Convener
Aarushi Chakraborty School of Medical Sciences Convener
André Justin Carpio School of Medicine Convener
Emily Mckay School of Psychology Convener
Kate Kostick School of Engineering Convener
Mark Kurz School of Natural and Computing Sciences Convener
S. Syed Sulaiman School of Geosciences Convener
Muhammad Faraaz Dheen Mohamed Vice-Chair Postgraduate Education
Kevhvan Graham Postgraduate Education Rep
Sanaa Al-Azawi Postgraduate Education Rep
Vanessa Mabonso Nzolo Student President
Ainhoa Burgos Aguilera Vice President for Communities
Rhiannon Ledwell Vice President for Education
Sai Shraddha S. Viswanathan Vice President for Welfare
Tõnis Tilk Vice President for Activities