SA Council

Council Meetings

The next meeting will take place during the revision week in April.

Previous meetings have taken place on Tuesday 25 October 2016, Tuesday 29 November 2016, Tuesday 31 January 2017 and Tuesday 21 March 2017. 

Council in a nutshell

Click this presentation to find out more about the Council and its operating practices. The Council Handbook will explain the role and responsibilities of councillors in more detail.

If you are a member of a Standing Committee, you are a member of Council. Any student may nominate themselves for committee elections that are normally held twice a year, towards the end of the second semester and at the beginning of the first semester.

The elected members attend council meetings to discuss and vote on motions, deciding the focus and direction of AUSA. They also have an opportunity to keep their elected Student Officers, your Student Leaders accountable for their work.

If you have any questions about the Student Council, do not hesitate to the Chair Aletta Boerkoel at or AUSA Representation Team at

Chair of Council

Aletta Boerkoel is the Chair of the Student Council and happy to answer any queries via

What does the Chair do?

The elected Chair of Council regulates the discussion and makes sure that everyone gets a fair chance to speak and is being respected. The Chair also compiles the Agenda and the reading documents before each Council meeting. All items for the Agenda should be forwarded before the deadline and will be e-mailed to all members before Council as well as uploaded to this site.

Both the Chair and AUSA Representation Team are happy to answer any questions about submitting a motion and existing policy.


You have to be logged in as a student in order to access agendas, reading documents and minutes.