Student Council

Council Meetings

Student Council will meet in the King's Conference Centre on the following dates, starting 6pm. There are seven scheduled meetings and motions for these must be submitted to the Chair of the Council ( 12 days before the meeting date.

Student Council meetings schedule & deadlines

Meeting date

Deadline for motions

Deadline for amendments

Tuesday 09/10/2018

Thursday 27/09/2018

Wednesday 03/10/2018

Tuesday 13/11/2018

Thursday 01/11/2018

Thursday 08/11/2018

Tuesday 15/01/2019

Thursday 03/01/2018

Thursday 10/01/2019

Tuesday 12/02/2019

Thursday 31/01/2019

Thursday 07/02/2019

Tuesday 12/03/2019

Thursday 28/02/2019

Thursday 07/03/2019

Tuesday 23/04/2019

Thursday 11/04/2019

Thursday 18/04/2019


The Agendas and Minutes of previous meetings can be found in the resources section at the bottom of the page.


Council in a Nutshell

If you are a member of a Standing Committee, you are a member of Council. Liberation and Section Forums have representatives at the Council. Any student may nominate themselves for committee elections that are normally held twice a year, towards the end of the second semester and at the beginning of the first semester.

The elected members attend council meetings to discuss and vote on motions, deciding the focus and direction of AUSA. The Student Council also holds the elected Sabbatical Officers, your Student Leaders, accountable for their work.

Any student may submit a motion to the consideration of the Council if they find a set number of supporters. Those students who are not members of the Student Council need to gather 20 students’ signatures in addition to their own. If a non-Councillor wishes to submit an amendment, this requires 50 signatures in addition to the proposer’s. Councillors need 9 supporters for submitting a motion or an amendment.

All Councillors are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the 2018/2019 Student Council Handbook to prepare for future meetings. The guide has more in-depth information on how to write a motion, voting, debates, etc.

If you have any questions about the Student Council, do not hesitate to the Chair ( or AUSA Representation Team (


Chair of Council

Dariya Koleva is the Chair of the Student Council 2018/2019 and happy to answer any enquiries (

The elected Chair of Council regulates the discussion and makes sure that everyone gets a fair chance to speak and is being respected. The Chair also compiles the Agenda and the reading documents before each Council meeting.


Student Council Minutes