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History of AUSA 

AUSA used to be three different student/administrative bodies, but finally students felt it would be more cohesive to act and speak with one voice. So, In the academic year of 1998-1999, the Presidents of the Students’ Representative Council, Union Management Committee and Athletic Association began to address the issue of co-operation and common interests between the three organisations.    

The outcome of this new cooperation was a referendum presented to the students of the University in February 1999.   They were asked if they wanted to merge the AA, SRC and UMC into a Students’ Association.   The three bodies came together to fight an intense and high-profile joint campaign for a “Yes” vote.   The measure to unite the student passed overwhelmingly, with a higher turnout than any student democratic vote ever held at Aberdeen.

The legacy of the three Councils (UMC, SRC and Sports Council) is evident in our logo. Three arrows represent the ‘coming together’ of the 3 councils back in 2000, as well as providing an impression of the Scottish Saltire. The logo is topped with an impression of the arches of King's College, which completes our historic identity as one of Scotland's Ancient Universities and Associations.

AUSA today is a growing and vibrant Students' Association, a registered charity with a trustee board comprised of five paid student officers and eight voluntary members, of which four are current students. With more members than ever, a new strategic direction, and an upcoming review of our student democracy, we've never been in a better position to lead Aberdeen's student community of influence.


Aberdeen University Students' Association's Staff Structure