Here are some lovely recipes from our volunteers. More coming soon!

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You can download your own copy of each of these recipes below:

Apple Crumble Recipe

Banana Bread Recipe

Spinach and Cashew Canneloni Recipe

Vegan Mozzerella Balls and Stuffed Omelette Recipes (Double-Page)

Spiced Courgette Muffins Recipe

Festive Nut Roast Recipe

Oregano Chips Recipe

Vegan Quiche Recipe

Snickers Bars Recipe

Winter Hummus with a Twist Recipe


Cooking Videos


Fridge Organisation

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Low-Carbon Food Guide

The AberGreen CCF Project put this booklet and diary together for you to help with tracking your food choices and to consider the impact it has on the environment. Even making small changes can make a big difference! The tips in this booklet will help you become more conscientious, healthy, and can also save you money! Sustainability initiatives are now maintained and operated through the #RoadToNetZero campaign; a joint effort between the University of Aberdeen and AUSA. 

What is in this booklet?
This booklet can help you learn about available seasonal produce by month, how to reduce food waste and food miles, how to have a lower carbon diet, and ways to keep track of your own shopping, cooking and eating habits. 

Where can I get my copy?
You can download a digital pdf above, or come to AUSA reception to ask for your own physical copy. You can also download a single-page version of the food diary checklist here, which can either be printed and physically checked off, or you can save paper and use it with your own pdf editing software such as Adobe Acrobat DC. In a pinch, you can always screenshot the chart with your smartphone or tablet and draw directly on the image with your finger. Just always remember to save your edits before closing!

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