Class Reps

Do you want to become a Class Rep?

Class Reps are elected student volunteers chosen by their fellow students who function as a vital link between staff and students, fostering and maintaining open dialogue to improve students’ learning experience.

Class Reps are elected at the beginning of an academic year or semester and they represent your views and concenrs, ensuring your courses and programmes are the best they can be. They work together with staff at Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings that are normally held once a term.

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AUSA offers a range of workshops for all reps, providing you with transferable skills required in the academic rep role. Academic reps are provided with a handbook which contains information and advice about the role.

How do I become a Class Rep?

Your School will organise election of Reps in the first two weeks of teaching. You need to let your Programme Convenor or Coordinator to know that you are interested in the position. They are able to tell you the election process to more detail.

If you are looking for more information about the role itself, please contact AUSA Reps Team at