Trustee Board

AUSA Board of Trustees

In accordance with the constitution, AUSA is governed by the Board of Trustees. The Board are responsible for legal, financial and strategic management of the Association and managing the affairs of the Association in a professional manner.

The Trustee Board meet five times a year and receive reports on AUSA’s work from staff and officers of the Association.

The Trustee Board is made up of:

  • Five Sabbatical Trustees
  • Four Student Trustees (appointed with a mind to ensure the diversity of skills and people on the Board)
  • One University Nominated Trustee (appointed with a mind to ensure access to strategic decision makers at the University of Aberdeen)
  • Three External Trustees (appointed with a mind to ensure the diversity of skills and people on the Board of Trustees to include but not limited to strategic and financial insight, commercial experience, and other skills as necessary to further the strategic aims of the association)

Trustees are appointed by the Appointments Committee and ratified by the Student Council.

The current Trustees are:

  • Lawson Ogubie – Sabbatical Trustee (Chair)
  • Donna Connelly - Sabbatical Trustee
  • Niamh Barrie – Sabbatical Trustee
  • Lina Nass – Sabbatical Trustee
  • Harry Chalklin – Sabbatical Trustee
  • Ondrej Toloch – Student Trustee
  • Lyn Ajanaku – Student Trustee
  • Toni Grimaldi Alcina – Student Trustee
  • Jun Yu Loh – Student Trustee
  • Andrew Williamson – External Trustee
  • Sandy MacKinnon – External Trustee
  • Jon Matthews – External Trustee
  • VACANT – University Nominated Trustee

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