Committee Roles



As president, your role will be to 

  • Plan and coordinate activity and development of the club/society for the year 

  • Set the agenda for meetings and chair them 

  • Decide on the objectives and focus of the club/society for the year 

  • Reflect on progress towards aims and goals 

  • Review the goals and plans of the club/society as necessary 

  • Ensure the club/society operates according to the Students' Union code of conduct 

  • Oversee the committee in their roles 

  • Delegate tasks where needed 

  • Keep up to date on emails and other communication from the Students’ Union 

  • Communicate updates and important information to the committee, and activity members where relevant 



As the Secretary, your role will be to 

  • Take notes and keeps minutes of meetings, ensure these are kept for future reference 

  • Check the activity’s email or other messages (where agreed with President/Social Media Officer) 

  • Make any room/space bookings on behalf of the activity 

  • Make vehicle bookings on behalf of the activity when needed 

  • Keep a list of members and work with the Treasurer to ensure memberships are paid 

  • Check and update the inventory with help from the Treasurer 

  • Manage or assist with other administrative tasks as required 



As the Treasurer, your role will be to 

  • Create a budget plan for the year (with help from the committee)

  • Create additional budget plans for larger events if necessary (with help from the Social Secretary/Events Coordinator)

  • Make transactions and payments on behalf of the club

  • Stay on top of income and expenses and update the budget sheet throughout the year with actual expenses and income 

  • Check that any new expenses/plans are feasible with the funds available

  • Complete grant application(s) with help from the rest of the committee

  • Ensure that any grant money is spent for the allocated purpose within the academic year

  • Create a financial report for the AGM at the end of the year

  • Check and update the inventory with the help of the Secretary

  • Check that membership income is paid in accurate amounts each month based on new memberships bought



As Captain, your role will be to 

  • Communicate with the Students’ Union regarding fixtures etc team updates 

  • Serve as a point of contact with ASV or other external venues in case of fixture/booking cancellations 

  • Look after the team on trips and provide a point of contact for the team 

  • Submit team sheets and any other documents needed for fixtures 

  • Organise trips to competitions 

  • Coordinate competitions hosted by the club 

  • Liaise with away teams where appropriate 

  • Create training plans for the team and run training sessions with the coach 

  • Motivate the team towards their goals throughout the year 


Social Media Officer

As Social Media Officer, your role is to 

  • Stay on top of and respond to messages sent to the activity’s social media accounts (where agreed with the President) 

  • Create content for social media 

  • Post material to promote upcoming events, as well as the club/society as a whole 

  • Liaise with other clubs and societies to promote shared events where appropriate 

  • Liaise with other members of the committee to promote upcoming events/campaigns or share other relevant information 

  • Capture and share content from events 

  • Share activity wins and success stories with the Students’ Union so these can be shared and promoted  

  • Ensure any content posted on the club/society's social media adheres to the Students' Union code of conduct and social media best practices 


Wellbeing Officer

As Wellbeing Officer, your role will be to 

  • Signpost members to relevant resources at the University where needed 

  • Listen to members non-judgementally 

  • Aim to reduce stigma around mental health and other areas and promote anti-stigma practices within the activity (e.g. education, inclusivity) 

  • Liaise with other members of the committee to integrate inclusive practices to training/socials/trips 

  • Stay on top of external mental health campaigns or other areas of interest and get involved where relevant 

  • Stay on top of member feedback, where this can help the activity improve practices to promote inclusivity and member wellbeing 

  • Contact the Students Union for support with issues within the activity 

  • Promote inclusivity at the level of the activity 


Social Secretary/Event Coordinator

As Social Secretary/Event Coordinator, your role will be to 

  • Plan, organise and coordinate social activity and events. 

  • Liaise and communicate with external speakers or guests. 

  • Liaise with other clubs and societies for joint events where appropriate. 

  • Liaise with the Treasurer to create budgets for events, where appropriate. 

  • Liaise with the Social Media Officer to promote events. 

  • Liaise with the Secretary to make room and venue bookings . 

  • Contact external venues/organisations for collaboration where necessary. 

  • Stay on top of member feedback and take this into account when planning events. 

  • Ensure social events are inclusive and adhere to the Students’ Union Code of Conduct.