Finances and Funding

To apply for delegate banking for your club or society, please complete the Delegate Banking Form.

AUSA Grants

AUSA makes funds available to societies and sports clubs yearly. These funds are intended to help them create the best experience possible for students and support the core functions of societies and sports clubs. These are granted on a case by case basis and need is based on the criteria for each grant. As AUSA is a registered charity and is student lead, it must always try to ensure that its funding is being used as effectively as possible.  These grants are directly funded from the Sports Union and Societies Union fees. AUSA Student Groups are not eligible for any direct grants from AUSA. However, there are opportunities available to the Student Groups that AUSA can provide support with.  

Media Fund Grants

The AUSA Society's Grant 

Grants are now open for applications! The closing date is 30th January, 9am. 

AUSA Societies Grant

Sports Union Grant: 

Grants are now open for applications! The closing date is 30th January, 9am. 

AUSA Sports Grant

AUSA Student Fund (Sports Clubs and Societies) 

The Student Experience Fund (SEF) is a grant that was created by the University of Aberdeen’s Development Trust. This money is donated by Alumni for the purpose of enhancing the student experience for students. The SFE grant is not intended to help with day to day functions but to help create opportunities that would not be available otherwise. This could be anything from making a conference affordable to your membership or bringing speakers to campus. It’s all about affecting the most students possible with the funds and creating a positive impact within the student community. The decision-making panel is made up of elected students, AUSA staff and staff from the Development Trust. Please find below the application form and guidelines for the AUSA Student Fund.

Applications are now open. The deadline for applying is 9am on Monday 23rd January 2023. Please submit your form here. Please note you will only be able to access this form when logged into your AUSA activity email. Below you will find the application form and guidance notes. If you have any questions, please contact us at 

ASF Application Form 22-23

ASF Guidance Notes 22-23

Student Experience Fund (Student Groups and campaigns) 

The Student Experience Fund (SEF) is a grant that was created by the University of Aberdeen’s Development Trust. This grant is not for core running costs, but for investment into student groups that will help improve the student experience.? It’s all about creating a positive impact for the most students possible with the funds and the student community. This is applied to and awarded directly from the Development Trust. Timeline: This is usually made available in September/October. The applications are currently closed.

External funding  

Outside AUSA there are lots of different organisations looking to give financial support to students. We strongly encourage all student activities to look to governing bodies, lottery, and local council for funding opportunities. AUSA Staff is available to you to help go over applications or even flesh out an idea.  
Contact for support: 
Societies and Student Groups: 


One of the options to consider when seeking funding for your initiative is launching a fundraising initiative. Not only it is possible to gain funding necessary for your idea, but it is also an excellent opportunity to further promote your society and develop your campaigning and marketing skills.  


Sponsorships are a great way to create a mutually beneficial relationship with an organisation or a company, enabling societies to undertake their activities while providing exposure opportunity for companies. We encourage student activities to look for sponsorship opportunities which can prove to be fruitful, long term cooperation. Before signing up to sponsorship, you should check to ensure that you are signing up to a deal that you can deliver.  Please be sure to review all AUSA and union policies before signing up to any contract. 


All the information concerning banking and your societies, sports club or student group finances can be found on the skills’ hub. All presidents and treasurers should complete this training module before requesting access to their student activities’ bank account.